Bearings, rods and Fasteners are some of the most important parts that any manufacturing industry can use, especially when speaking of automotive, aerospace and marine industries. Building an engine can require a thousand parts but what secures and makes sure that this assembly or these parts are being assembled in the right manner are the rods, bearings and fasteners. Fasteners and bearings has been a massive industry for over a century and can’t be any less important than the industry that uses it. Having said that, innovating and making smarter bearings or fasteners can be a huge plus for any industry because it allows the room for improvement and new designs. There are industries that work on making fast and remodeled or re-engineered bearings that can be used by any industry without a very long lead time.

A small modification in a bearing can make all the difference in how the design of an engine can be made for assembly. King Engine Bearings has been producing Engine bearings for over a half century and they know how important a bearing is in the life of an engine, or even in the assembly or dis-assembly of an engine.

Something as simple as a Lug bearing vs. a Lug-less bearing can be of great significance to manufacturers, for example a lug-less bearing can be as efficient as a lugged bearing but it can save cost on material over the long run. A lugged bearing is a small example of how a bearing can be modified to improve some aspect in manufacturing.

ASAP Semiconductor is a global distributor of all kinds of parts that can be used in industrial, manufacturing, repair and assembly plants. We are proud to be a competitive source for our customers in order to supply them with all the parts that they need including bearing and fasteners. In our efforts to stay competitive we have created a platform ASAP Fasteners in order to make ordering parts easy. If you are looking for parts simply request a quote online at with the part numbers and quantity you are looking for. You can also send us an email at or call us at +1-714-705-4780 and we will respond with a quote.

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Japanese Industrial Fastener Corporation Nitto Seiko based out of 20 Umegahata, Inokura-Cho, Ayabe, and Kyoto, Japan has announced they have developed a CF tight self-tapping screw which is used primarily for carbon fiber reinforced plates. This is great news for the automotive and aerospace industries due to the fact that they often use carbon fiber reinforced plates as a means to reduce car weight.

Carbon fiber reinforced plates or CRFRP are typically lined up in a fixed direction to achieve high strength while remaining light weight. This is an issue when common self-tapping screws for plastic is introduced to the equation due to the fact that the screws will disarrange and split/strip the fibers on the carbon fiber reinforced plates thereby destroying its appearance, reducing strength and preventing the screws from achieving stability.

Nitto Seiko Co. Ltd has announced that starting December 20, 2016, their “CF Tight” Self-tapping Screw will go on sale. Able to generate highly destructive torque, the CF Tight has a near triangle thread structure that restrains resistance during fastening to ease in fastening the screw. The special obtuse front threads are able to reduce disarranged fibers to shorten fastening times and prevent strength deterioration which will reduce costs overall.

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On December 19 2016, there was an article published on Bearing News which talks about how IKO has a new bearing line which comes in a new width. The available width options come in all different sizes such ranging from 1mm to 25mm wide bearing options. Not only this, but the range can increase as high as 44mm. In terms of length, the bearings come in four different types. These four types are the extra long, long, standard, and compact.

With all these different types of bearing options, customers are able to customize the bearing to their liking to fit all their company’s needs. The largest miniature linear bearings can have dynamic load ratings of over 16000N and moment load ratings of move 300 nm in terms of roll axis.There are C lube long term lubrication systems that are integrated into these units which allows the bearings to run smoothly.These bearings come with corrosion resistant coatings, ceramic balls, stainless steel or carbon steel rails.

Here at ASAP Fasteners, an ASAP Semiconductor owned company, we supply aircraft bearing products for aerospace market. We stock huge range of different types and designs of bearings, visit at . For any kind of aircraft bearings, fasteners parts need, contact our sales team at or call us at 1-714-705-4780 .

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Space missions have opened multiple avenues that explores creates the potential of space exploration. Almost half a century ago we were able to not only explore leaving earth’s atmosphere but we were able to land on the moon and take our first steps on the moon. This would have not been possible if it wasn’t for the scientists and the industries that were involved and supported this mission. The space ship that traveled to the moon was loaded with nothing more than the technology that you find in your cell phone today. This how much advanced we have gone since then.

Even something as simple as a Rivet can be as important as anything else because such an exploration into space requires a huge amount of detail and care. Having said that, TR Fastenings Norway received a new funding from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment to build new and very strong blind rivets that will be used in a the Mars’s Rover Radar Imager.

The radar is going to be one of many instruments that will be used on the rover and it is very important that each one is built with care and sophistication. The Radar is called RIMFAX which stands for “Radar Image for Mars’ Subsurface Exploration.” Those instruments are designed to measure whether it’s possible to sustain life on Mars or not.

The Rivets are going to be used in holding up the Radar’s Antenna which requires a quality that can be sustained for years to come, it has to sustain the hostile weather changes that will occur on the surface of Mars. Not to add to the rocky terrain and the wide range of hostile conditions that can be rough, the radar is going to be used to send signal below the surface of Mars in order to create a picture and clear understanding of what is the composition of Mars’s surface.

ASAP Fasteners is a global supplier of hardware and fasteners which creates solutions for customers who are looking for any kind of fasteners used anywhere. In order to receive a quote, send us a request online at with your part number and any other information about the part and we will send you a quote shortly. You can also send your request by email at / or call us by phone at +1-714-705-4780.

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The industry has become a great demand for new innovative couplings due to the variety of appliances that require them. Couplings are parts that are most often found to connect shafts to transmit power in many essential products. As these vital appliances become larger and larger there is a greater need for customized couplings.Couplings have been incorporated in early appliances from cotton mills to wind mills.  Due to the invention of the steam turbine this has increased the size of power operated machinery therefore increased the size of couplings as well.

"This in turn has greatly increased the demands on shafts and couplings, and in the case of bolted couplings, on the bolts themselves.”

Having the correct coupling is a crucial part to having to maintain shaft alignment.  The alignment in marine applications are a little more lenient when it comes to allowing vibration in result causing much more stress on the bearing. Unlike the marine products, power generation applications are a non-tolerant area of such vibrations. Vibrations in these parts are known to affect the ability of the turbine to reach its full power. To take precaution to avoid the vibrations companies have turned to installing optimizing shaft alignment.

“There is still scope for further analysis and it would be helpful to see exactly how the newer design of bolts with expanding sleeves compare to the older bolts when it comes to transmitting higher torque,” adds Walsh. “Having a full FE analysis could be a significant advantage since it shows the potential for reducing the number of bolts and size of the coupling, particularly in industries such as wind turbines, where they tend to avoid bolted couplings due to space restrictions.”

As vessels and machinery enlarges throughout the years there will always be a need for couplings of a different sizes and outputs. ASAP Fastener is one of the leading coupling supplier in the industry. ASAP is able to supply tested and certified parts across the globe. We are able to provide a full transparent traceability for every order to ensure our parts are not counterfeit. Streamlining your order in the most efficient way as possible to facilitate your logistics. For a better look at our products we can offer visit our website at For instant RFQs email us at or give us a call at 1-714-705-4780 .

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