Mill-Max Expands Its Line to a New Type of Pin

On May 9th, 2016 Jordan Mulcare released an article on Electronics Specific talking about how Mill-Max is planning to expand its line for the spring loaded pins.This recent addition of the spring loaded pin will come in the series: 0973-0-15-20-77-14-11-0. This type of spring loaded pin can accept up to 20AWG wire. Not only can it accept the wire but the spring loaded pin also has a maximum stroke of 0.080” which can also be used at the minimum spacing of 0.100”.

To understand a little bit more about how the description of this spring loaded pin is, you should read below. It seems like the shoulders and barbs of the spring loaded pin were created so that the pin can be easily assembled with the connector housings. Not only this, but also the terminating wires can be soldered to the cup portion of the 0973 as well as passing through the connector housing on the pin.

In the event that the soldering is finished, the wires can finally then draw the 0973 spring pins. The wires will draw the spring pins to the housing which allows for the whole thing to be in a press sit. As the pins are locked together into the housing, this allows for the shoulder to a stop. This stop will allow for the retaining of pins if there is a scenario in which the wires or cables are strained or manipulated.The shoulder not only acts as a stop, but it also will prevent the push out of the spring pin in the event that the plunger is overly squished.


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