RD24 Connector with Modified Hexagonal Nut has Launched

A new style introduced to the electronics market of panel mounted electronics in its category of power solutions. The newly launched RD24 connector with the modified hexagonal nut has greatly reduced the need of mounting screw holes and is the most convenient answer for any application with a thicker panel box. These panel mount connectors are can transfer up to 400 Volts and rated at a maximum current of 16 Amps per contact.

The connectors are equipped with gold plated contacts and should be able to function within harsher environments such as industrial facilities. This alternative is now available in -4 and -7 pin configurations. These power connectors are an exceptional alternative in the several working environments such as communication, industrial and power industries.

Another feature that was added to the newly modified product was the protection cap lanyard which is optional to the end user but will ease connecting it directly to the housing body.

The Binder RD24 product line is now providing a complete solution with the male and female field attachable connectors and cord sets.


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