The Different Types of Engine Bearings

Bearings, rods and Fasteners are some of the most important parts that any manufacturing industry can use, especially when speaking of automotive, aerospace and marine industries. Building an engine can require a thousand parts but what secures and makes sure that this assembly or these parts are being assembled in the right manner are the rods, bearings and fasteners. Fasteners parts and bearings has been a massive industry for over a century and can’t be any less important than the industry that uses it. Having said that, innovating and making smarter bearings or fasteners can be a huge plus for any industry because it allows the room for improvement and new designs. There are industries that work on making fast and remodeled or re-engineered bearings that can be used by any industry without a very long lead time.

A small modification in a bearing can make all the difference in how the design of an engine can be made for assembly. King Engine Bearings has been producing Engine bearings for over a half century and they know how important a bearing is in the life of an engine, or even in the assembly or dis-assembly of an engine.

Something as simple as a Lug bearing, a Lug-less bearing can be of great significance to manufacturers, for example a lug-less bearing can be as efficient as a lugged bearing but it can save cost on material over the long run. A lugged bearing is a small example of how a bearing can be modified to improve some aspect in manufacturing.


January 6, 2021

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