The Boeing Company, an American multinational corporation, was awarded two government contracts valuing a total of over $54 Billion in February 2014.In mid-February, 2014, the U.S Air Force awarded Boeing with a 10+ yearlong contract with a total value of approximately $52 Billion. The contract calls for Boeing to produce a newly designed Tanker called the KC-46 which will costs $250 - $300 million each. These new tankers are to replace Boeing’s old military spec KC-135 tankers. The KC-46 is larger than the old KC-135, has a higher transfer fuel load, and the passenger seating has been increased from 37 to 114 seats. Performance has also been made better as well as the KC-46 has a cruising range of about 5-times that of the KC-135 which will allow better service over longer distances.

The contract expects Boeing to complete a total of 179 tankers with 18 to be complete and in service by 2017. At the end of February, 2014 Boeing was awarded a $2.1 Billion contract granted by the Pentagon. This contract called for Boeing to produce 16 addition P-8A maritime surveillance aircraft's. These spy planes will be used by the U.S. Navy, replacing their currently aging fleet of the P-3 Orion. The P-8A, dubbed the Poseidon, is much more expensive than its predecessor, costing around $275 Million each compared to the P-3 Orion’s price of $45 Million. However, the performance has been upgraded as the P-8A Poseidon will be able to reach cruise speeds of 506 mph compared to the P-3 Orion’s 466 mph.

As the second-largest aerospace & defense contractor in the world, The Boeing Company continues to improve the current defense fleet of today. So much so that analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute predicts that “converting commercial jetliners to military aircraft could potentially become Boeing’s biggest defense line…” ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Fasteners, strives to be a premier distributor of all Boeing Company parts that support both commercial and US military applications. We carry a comprehensive inventory of parts as well as the database and procurement capabilities to help you meet all your requirements. Contact us today at /

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Just this year in 2014, Meggitt PLC, a British aerospace business, was awarded a contract to supply their newest advanced braking and monitoring system for the Gulfstream G500 and G600, the staple of the Gulfstream aircraft portfolio. The multi-million dollar contract for the business jets stipulates that Meggitt provide advanced wheels and compact carbon brakes. This new technology features carbon composite heatsink material and anti-oxidant coating that will optimize the weight and reliability of the brakes. Both the G500 and G600, which boast a range of 5,000 to 6,200 nautical miles and a max operating speed of Mach 0.925, can attribute their performance to Meggitt, which is supplying brake-by-wire control systems and high performance braking for both aircraft as opposed to conventional pedal braking.

In addition, Meggitt will also be supplying a touchscreen-driven automatic braking system. The systems that Meggitt will be supplying demonstrates a proficiency in brake and anti-skid control, which is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of designing a braking system. Meggitt is currently the only supplier of braking systems for all of Gulfstream’s in-service fleet and expects to expand this monopoly in braking systems around the world for all currently active fleets. Meggitt PLC, which was established in 1940, is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange. Annual revenue is reported to be 1,637.3 million British pounds with net income of 232.2 million British pounds. They are currently involved in the design and manufacturing of aerospace equipment, defense systems, and sensing systems.

In terms of aircraft braking systems, Meggitt is the largest developer and manufacturer in the world. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Fasteners, specializes in the distribution of aerospace products around the world for both commercial, civil, and military applications. We work with Meggitt to ensure we carry the most highly-demanded spare parts for your aircraft requirements. Browse our capabilities on and contact us today at for a quote.

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Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Vero Beach Florida, Piper Aircraft, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. Piper Aircraft is the only general aviation manufacturer to offer a complete line of aircraft worldwide. They offer modern, efficient, reliable, and time-tested aircraft from single-engines up to six-place turboprop aircraft. Piper Aircraft is owned by Brunei Ministry of France and is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. Piper Aircraft aviators are single and twin engine aircraft. The models that Piper offers include M-Class, Twin Class, and Trainer Class. The single-engine M-Class series such as the Meridian, Mirage and Matrix offers individuals and businesses elegant performance and value.

The Twin Class series such as the Seneca V is what all twin engines needed, it includes the G1000 which is a three 10.4 in displays that integrates all of the flight information such as displaying navigation data, communications, weather, terrain awareness, traffic, and engine data. On October 29, 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration allowed Piper Aircraft, Inc. to incorporate the Garmin GFFC 700 flight control system use in Seminole aircrafts which utilize the Garmin G10000. Piper Vice President of Sales and Marketing Drew McEwen stated, “Moving the Seminole aircraft equipped with G1000 avionics to the Garmin GFC 700 is another step in giving buyers of new Piper airplanes the most modern cockpit experience possible”.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Fasteners, strives to be a premier distributor and one-stop shop for all your Piper Aircraft part requirements. We can help you meet your procurement needs. Take a look at our parts capabilities on and if you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at or call toll-free at 1 714.705.4780.

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In February of 2014, Enstrom Helicopter unveiled its newest product on opening day of the Heli-Expo 2014. The TH-180, which is a low-cost scaled-down version of the company’s currently widely-used FX-280 three-seater, will launch with an approximate price tag of $365,000. This two-seat, piston-powered training aircraft is powered by a 210-hp Lycoming HIO-390 engine and is expected to incure costs of only $175 per hour to operate while burning less than 12 gph of fuel.The aircraft will also feature a Lycoming engine governor as well as an electric clutch switch. Compared with the larger and more expensive FX-280 model, the TH-180 boasts more versatile landing gear and a frame that is 500 pounds lighter, amounting to about $2,250 total pounds in gross weight. Enstrom Helicopter is anticipating a large market for the new TH-180, a market with an excess of small operators that are currently short of low-cost aircraft. With a new expanded production plant in Michigan, the company has announced an annual production capacity of 100 TH-180s per year.

First flights have already taken place and certification is expected to take place by early 2015. The high hopes for this aircraft on the market have resulted in plans by the company to focus on bringing the TH-180 to market as opposed to other current products such as the Model 480, their turbine helicopter. If this new aircraft performs to expectations, look for Enstrom Helicopter’s business to steadily increase in the foreseeable future as they move to capture a larger market share of the rotorcraft aerospace industry. Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is a Chinese-owned company based in the United States that designs and manufactures rotorcraft. It was founded in 1959 by Rudy Enstrom as RJ Enstrom Corporation. As a mid-cap company today, Enstrom Helicopter employees 174 people and generates $37.5 million in annual revenue.

As of 2013, the company was acquired by a Chinese investment firm, Chongqing Helicopter Investment Co, becoming the latest in a series of US companies that have been acquired by Chinese investors. The acquisition changes foreign ownership from the previous Swiss investors to the Chinese and will tap into the growing Asian aerospace market. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Fasteners, specializes in the distribution of rotorcraft products around the world for both commercial, civil, and military applications. We work with Enstrom Helicopter to ensure we carry the most highly-demanded spare parts for the F-28, TH180, 280, and 480 models currently in use. Browse our capabilities on and contact us today at for a quote.

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