Gear bearings are, as their name implies, a combination of both gear and bearing functions in one component. Like gears, they feature teeth that intermesh with one another, and like bearings they do so to transfer radial and axial loads to bear weight and friction. Gear bearings improve drives in electrical, internal combustion, and turbine motors. The gear bearing design incorporates rifle-true anti-backlash, improved thrust bearing performance, and phase-tuning techniques for superior low-speed reduction. Because they combine both gear and bearing functions, gear bearings can reduce weight, number of parts, size and cost, and increase load capacity.
Gear bearings come with numerous benefits and advantages over conventional bearings. Because they eliminate backlash, they are smoother in operation and control. The teeth design in gear bearings gives them superior thrust bearing performance. Gear bearings can also run quieter and with less vibration and suffer fewer fatigue failures. They are also fairly cheap and simple to design and manufacture, while also being more structurally rigid and possess higher load capacity than fixed planetary designs. They can also enable all-electric actuator systems and eliminate hydraulics in many applications.
Gear bearings are used in countless applications. They can be found in almost all forms of transportation including automotive, aviation, marine, and rail. They are also vital for transmissions, electric windows, windshield wipers, steering mechanisms, alternators and generators, engines and propellers, and bearing landing gear. They can also be found in power tools like gardening equipment, chain saws, power drills, and screw drivers. In industrial machinery, they are used in power presses, lathes, and construction equipment, and in farming equipment like tractors, harvesters, and hay rollers.

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A needle roller bearing is a type of bearing that utilizes small cylindrical rollers that reduce the friction of a rotating surface. In comparison to ball bearings, needle roller bearings have a large surface area that is in contact with the functioning part. These are useful in manufacturing because of their ability to handle relatively high loads in a compact design. They are the smallest and lightest of the roller bearing family which gives them the advantage in limited space situations.
These bearings come in several different configurations including drawn cup, precision race, caged roller, and thrust roller bearings. The type that appears most often is the caged roller needle bearing. The caged roller bearings function is to support radial loads and rotational speeds.  Developments to these bearings contour have been introduced to reduce roller-end stress from misalignment, or deflection, of one of their base balancing components (known as raceways). These developments enable a more uniform distribution of stress, optimizing the bearings performance. Typical applications for caged needle roller bearings are automotive transmission systems, two and four stroke engines, gearboxes, air compressors, and planetary gear sets.
Although these bearings often serve purposes elsewhere, they are typically designed to meet the specific needs of the aircraft industry in airframe manufacturing. Their design involves heavy outer rings to support high static, oscillating loads. These bearing rings and rollers are constructed of high-carbon chrome steel and are made with a protective finish. Some are intended to work as track rollers while others have applications in mounting housing. For heavier rolling loads, needle roller bearings are wider and have two rows of rollers. In situations with lighter rolling loads, only one row of rollers is needed.
Needle roller bearings are capable of higher load capacities than single-row ball bearings or roller bearings. They have the ability to handle larger, more rigid applications. Their excellent roller characteristics within a small cross section also add to their appeal. They are generally lower cost in comparison with other bearings as well. All of these attributes contribute to why needle roller bearings are a vital component in aircraft manufacturing.

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Lithuanian Sports are not normally known to be funded more than a state entity but have reconsidered with newest aircraft bearing parts company. Two Lithuanian Professional Rally car drivers have paired up along with their teams to reface a company known that is newly known as CRAFT Bearings. The Craft Bearings is a world renown company that has generated business in over 80 countries. Driver known as Antanas Juknevicius has been a reigning champ for rally races held in DAKAR which has earned him a spot as the new face for the newly branded company along with his co-driver, Darius Vaiciulis,.

As a professional driver he understands what it takes to win the rally races along with every aspect of the tools needed. Antanas along with CRAFT Bearings are both eager to proceed with the partnership as CRAFT Bearings unit believes that Antanas carries the correct traits they wish to project as a company.

CRAFT Bearings director, V. Rimgaila, mentions that they are extremely content with the onboarding of Antanas as he states,” Customers around the world choose us because of our well-developed worthwhile products and reliability. For this reason, we place a great amount of emphasis on experience and professionalism when we choose our partners. Antanas is the most knowledgeable Lithuanian in Dakar. His many years of experience and high achievements are the best reflection of these traits” With having the world renown tools under his belt from Craft Aircraft Bearings Set , Antanas cannot guarantee that he will win this upcoming DAKA race, but has high hopes. Before heading to the race in DAKAR they will heading to Le Harve , France right before making their way to Argentina to ensure their vehicles. The vehicle that Antanas will be using is a veteran Toyota Hilux Overdrive car that has been on the DAKAR terrane 6 times making this the 8th start for Antanas.

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Today we have many new advancements in bearing parts that are helping to improve the performance and life of bearings.Sour gas compressor bearings, which use three advanced materials:Silicon nitride, which is used in rolling elements; stainless steel, for use in bearing rings; and PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a high temperature plastic that can be used to create bearing cages. The use of these three materials are prolonging the life of the bearings, lasting over 10 times longer than their predecessors.

While they are more expensive upfront, over the long term they help save money. “Everybody likes a bargain, but it is often worth paying more in the short term in order to reap long-term benefits,” Kahlman said. “How many times have we gone for a cheaper option – and bemoaned the ‘false economy’ later? Says Lars Kahlman, senior application expert at SKF.

Using the ceramic material, silicon nitride (Si3N4) and conventional metal together are allowing both higher speeds and better electrical insulation. These bearings sets being “greased for life”, can also be used to fix an already poorly performing bearing. Because they can run at high speeds and with electrical properties, it makes them exceptionally helpful in variable speeds.

When choosing bearing parts in the past we have struggled between corrosion resistance and fatigue performance. Now with using super-tough stainless steel in hybrid bearing rings you get the best of both worlds. A long-lasting bearing ring that fights fatigue performance and corrosion at the same time.You may think replacing metal with plastic, PEEK, may seem like a poor judgement call, but it gives many benefits and even some advantages over metal. PEEK is light weight, easily mass produced in injection molding, performs well at a high temperature and is also strong and ridged with excellent creep resistance. In addition, it resists radiation and a large range of solvents.

Without companies such as, ASAP Semiconductor, there would not be such a readily available market helping to bring these new and innovative bearing set materials around the globe. The more availability will not only bring down material fabrication costs, but also help boost the aerospace industry into the future.

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In 1879, the first CVT (Continuously variable transmission) was introduced and allowed for a more flexible system than the traditional mechanical transmission. As this design began to spread, many manufacturers began to develop vehicles utilizing the CVTs. It started first in a car, then motorcycles, then tractors, and finally aircrafts. This year we are met once again with technological advances that allows us to further improve the CVT. NSK Ltd, a global manufacturer of bearings, introduced a high-reliability low-torque ball bearing in 2011 during the month of July. Six years later, they have publicized their new and improved torque ball bearings which improve fuel efficiency and overall reliability. To match this new improvement, NSK has decided to name this new bearing.

“High-Reliability Low-Torque BELTOP 8 Bearings.”

There are two new improvements made to the previous 2011 model, which are: a round and smoothed groove shoulder for enhanced efficiency and a solid lubricant film that averts housing abrasion. This upgrade is similar to the upgrade of fasteners when Bryce Fastener Inc came up with the Skyfit Fastener. This fastener component upgraded the traditional fastener as well, improving its reliability and upgrading its productivity. With the new design of the Skyfit Fastener, the installation process is much easier and quicker. Many parts existing in the market were old and were not as secure because they were available to the public. As these small applications are improved, we are looking towards a much more reliable and efficient way to build and design vehicles, whether they are motorcycles, cars, or aircrafts.

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President and CEO of NSK Ltd. Toshihiro Uchiyama had the great pleasure of presenting one of the company’s latest innovative bearing. This specific bearing parts has been customized and designed for greater performance for competitive Tennis Wheelchairs. Recently the Tokyo Institute of technology embraced the new innovative bearing that will used for an enhanced range of motion for the auxiliary caster component. An additional alteration was put into play when the tennis players of the institution requested for the bearings to be of a lightweight design and minimize friction to its lowest possibility.NSK has completed much research in many aspects and areas of bearings on a wheelchair and has discovered that many of the issues they are faced with are quick changeable properties. Gathering information such as

“speed, load, impact, and acceleration/deceleration at actual competitions and practice sessions, used this to determine optimal bearing specifications, and then developed a prototype.”

All the research quickly influenced the design of the latest bearing to be able enhance not only competitive wheelchairs but everyday wheelchairs as well.Prior to the innovative bearing NSK was not known in the market for their agile parts but has sent a message with their latest piece.NSK Corp Bearing Div is known for being Japans first bearing manufacturer in the country and countries industry. They have been in business and reduced the amount of friction loss since Nov 08, 1916. They are a company that is headquartered in Shinagawa, Japan and currently are involved with business worldwide. NSK initial goal is to be able to provide the best possible competitive equipment that is to be reliable, agile and will perform in the best possible at any given time. NSK is well prepared to continue to provide the globe with high technology around the globe.

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Bearings, rods and Fasteners are some of the most important parts that any manufacturing industry can use, especially when speaking of automotive, aerospace and marine industries. Building an engine can require a thousand parts but what secures and makes sure that this assembly or these parts are being assembled in the right manner are the rods, bearings and fasteners. Fasteners parts and bearings has been a massive industry for over a century and can’t be any less important than the industry that uses it. Having said that, innovating and making smarter bearings or fasteners can be a huge plus for any industry because it allows the room for improvement and new designs. There are industries that work on making fast and remodeled or re-engineered bearings that can be used by any industry without a very long lead time.

A small modification in a bearing can make all the difference in how the design of an engine can be made for assembly. King Engine Bearings has been producing Engine bearings for over a half century and they know how important a bearing is in the life of an engine, or even in the assembly or dis-assembly of an engine.

Something as simple as a Lug bearing, a Lug-less bearing can be of great significance to manufacturers, for example a lug-less bearing can be as efficient as a lugged bearing but it can save cost on material over the long run. A lugged bearing is a small example of how a bearing can be modified to improve some aspect in manufacturing.

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On December 19 2016, there was an article published on Bearing News which talks about how IKO has a new bearing line which comes in a new width. The available width options come in all different sizes such ranging from 1mm to 25mm wide bearing options. Not only this, but the range can increase as high as 44mm. In terms of length, the bearing parts come in four different types. These four types are the extra long, long, standard, and compact.

With all these different types of bearing options, customers are able to customize the bearing to their liking to fit all their company’s needs. The largest miniature linear bearings can have dynamic load ratings of over 16000N and moment load ratings of move 300 nm in terms of roll axis.There are C lube long term lubrication systems that are integrated into these units which allows the bearings to run smoothly.These bearings come with corrosion resistant coatings, ceramic balls, stainless steel or carbon steel rails.

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MAHLE Engine Components has announced that a lead-free bearing system has been developed by combining highly engineered polymeric coatings with a robust lead-free bearing lining in order to accommodate heavy-duty truck engines. This new system promises to deliver improved performance over the existing bearing linings that include lead.

James George the head of product technology at MAHLE Rugby, U.K. explained that Polymer technology is the preferred medium for light and medium-duty engines under 10 liters in displacement and that the need to adopt new technology is a direct reflection of the changes in bearing operating conditions accompanied by a prevailing market need for alternative solutions. With the newly released low-viscosity engine oils bearings there is now a need for improvements in wear resistance which in turn will help immensely with fuel economy.

Research conducted by MAHLE shows that the polymer-coated bearings offer increased resistance to both wear and fatigue compared to its lead-free electroplated coating counterparts. That’s not all, the polymeric coatings also improves corrosion resistance, allows for extended oil-drain intervals, are environmentally safe and is much easier to dispose of. Industry testing has conclusively shown that polymer-coated bearings deliver monumentally better post-test wear results and as a direct result will significantly lower owner-operator costs. With production on the new bearing system set to begin this summer at the MAHLE facility in Atlantic, Iowa, the first heavy-duty diesel engines with the polymeric lead-free bearings will be introduced during the second half of 2016 along with an additional product development program to be determined at a later date.

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The Trucker staff wrote an article for discussing about how Meritor launched a new type of bearing. This type of bearing is considered an AllFit premium tapered roller bearings. These bearings are for differentials wheel ends, and transmissions for many different types of applications such as trailer axles, steering, and driving.Here is what Sam Marco, the product specialist for Meritor Aftermarket said about the launch of the new AllFit premium trapper roller bearings.

“The AllFit bearing is an ideal all-makes solution offering exceptional reliability, long life and full interchangeability with other manufacturer’s bearing parts. The new offering rounds out our portfolio, allowing us to respond to customer requests for cost-effective, high-quality all-makes bearing options.”

AllFit bearings have the same level of quality in terms of manufacturing as Meritor genuine bearings. Because of this Marco has mentioned that the dependable performance is associated with the original levels of the products.Here is what Tim Burns, the senior manager, rear axle, transmission and gearing for Meritor Aftermarket has to say about the bearing body.

“Our new AllFit bearing is an outstanding option for rebuilders in search of an economical bearing solution without sacrificing performance. Rebuilders gain real peace of mind knowing they’re purchasing a quality bearing at all-makes pricing.”

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A gyrocompass is a useful marine tool that is able to detect true north better than the conventional compass. The direction it points to is not affected by the Earth’s magnetic field or by the steel some ships are made of. In other words, the things that typically create inaccuracies in a compass, do not deflect a gyrocompass.

A gyroscope is found within a gyrocompass. In order for it to work well and endure a long lifespan, the gyroscope must meet specific standards. The ball bearings within a gyroscope have to have a smooth mirror finish. This guarantees the bearing will have a low noise level, as well as create as little possible friction between the parts in order to generate less wear and tear. The ceramic balls are lubricated with a military specification synthetic oil instead of grease. To take it one step further, the balls are visually inspected by a professional for any imperfections. Any sign of inadequacy prevents the bearings from passing quality control and do not get distributed.

A long lifespan is critical for the components because a gyrocompass works around the clock when at sea. The ball bearings oil themselves through a process in which the oil is sealed up and transferred around each part.Barden manufactures precision ball bearings that are typically found in marine gyroscope applications. They are made to ABEC & standards, and go above and beyond the requirements to pass inspections. These high precision bearings are needed to create a gyrocompass that will not only help navigate, but also find positions, and record routes for those dealing with marine operations.

Read more » has released an article on June 6th 2016 talks about how ZWZ is working on creating six different bearings from their crystalline silicon slicing machine. These bearings will be used as import substitutes for one of their domestic customer. This has been delivered and put into good use.There has been more news stating that this specific customer has also placed another order with ZWZ for more multi standard bearings. With this being said, ZWZ is in production for these parts now.

It was this past May in 2015, a Jiangsu based company signed an agreement with ZWZ for the size different bearings for the crystalline silicon slicing machine spindle. The Jiangsu based company is also known as a technology company. The Jiangsu based company also deals with making polysilicon ingots as well as multicrystalline wafers that include crystalline silicon slicing machines. This machine is considered a key role in the production equipment that can possibly be used to import bearings.

There has been a recent spike in high demand for polysilicon products which could be due to how lucrative the photovoltaic industry has become. The country that is taking charge of the solar industrialization dealing specifically with high efficiency and low cost crystalline silicon is China.

ZWZ Bearings was established in 1938 in Wafangdian, Dalian in China. The company designed and manufactured its very first industrial bearing in 1949. The company went on to make their first automotive bearing in 1954. In 2013, the company expanded into different regions of China, specifically building factories in Liaoyang and Changshu.

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