Lithuanian to Become the Face of Latest Bearing Company

Lithuanian Sports are not normally known to be funded more than a state entity but have reconsidered with newest aircraft bearing parts company. Two Lithuanian Professional Rally car drivers have paired up along with their teams to reface a company known that is newly known as CRAFT Bearings. The Craft Bearings is a world renown company that has generated business in over 80 countries. Driver known as Antanas Juknevicius has been a reigning champ for rally races held in DAKAR which has earned him a spot as the new face for the newly branded company along with his co-driver, Darius Vaiciulis,.

As a professional driver he understands what it takes to win the rally races along with every aspect of the tools needed. Antanas along with CRAFT Bearings are both eager to proceed with the partnership as CRAFT Bearings unit believes that Antanas carries the correct traits they wish to project as a company.

CRAFT Bearings director, V. Rimgaila, mentions that they are extremely content with the onboarding of Antanas as he states,” Customers around the world choose us because of our well-developed worthwhile products and reliability. For this reason, we place a great amount of emphasis on experience and professionalism when we choose our partners. Antanas is the most knowledgeable Lithuanian in Dakar. His many years of experience and high achievements are the best reflection of these traits” With having the world renown tools under his belt from Craft Aircraft Bearings Set , Antanas cannot guarantee that he will win this upcoming DAKA race, but has high hopes. Before heading to the race in DAKAR they will heading to Le Harve , France right before making their way to Argentina to ensure their vehicles. The vehicle that Antanas will be using is a veteran Toyota Hilux Overdrive car that has been on the DAKAR terrane 6 times making this the 8th start for Antanas.


January 6, 2021

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