Tamper Resistant and Thread Forming Screws Made by Hafren

When thinking of screws, the safety of theft is not the first thing that comes to mind. Safety of keeping things secure, and out of reach, but locks are meant for security. Well Hafren is creating these new best forming screws that are antitheft, anti-vandalism, and anti-tampering. Not only are they creating screws, but best fasteners as well.

The fasteners and screws of Hafren have many different uses and prevent many different types on theft, vandalism, and tampering. It allows for less time being spent on manual labor as a self-drilling screw along with self-tapping, and thread forming screws.

These screws and fasteners have many different capabilities and purposes, on of the many is that they can be used to fix sheet metal to wood and other steel construction with the use of self-drillers. These self-drillers contain the same 6-lobe pin security system used on their screws and fasteners. These self-drillers allow for fast and easy installation along with repairs if and when they are needed. Hafren Self-drillers have high torque capabilities so there is no need to pre-drill holes.

Another aspect Hafren has specialized in is the thread forming screw panel which is most commonly used for fencing and automotive capabilities, the most impressive thing is that those are not the only capabilities. The triple lobed self-threading screw allows for the use of nuts to be eliminated which reduces costs, and like the self-drilling screw cuts down on labor time with installation and repairs.

The thread forming screw, used in the referred to as the Power6 is also used in security systems and has the same unique 6-lobed pin fastener and provides a higher level of security for customers.


November 5, 2020

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