Precision Ball Bearings and Marine Gyroscopes

A gyrocompass is a useful marine tool that is able to detect true north better than the conventional compass. The direction it points to is not affected by the Earth’s magnetic field or by the steel some ships are made of. In other words, the things that typically create inaccuracies in a compass, do not deflect a gyrocompass.

A gyroscope is found within a gyrocompass. In order for it to work well and endure a long lifespan, the gyroscope must meet specific standards. The ball bearings within a gyroscope have to have a smooth mirror finish. This guarantees the bearing will have a low noise level, as well as create as little possible friction between the parts in order to generate less wear and tear. The ceramic balls are lubricated with a military specification synthetic oil instead of grease. To take it one step further, the balls are visually inspected by a professional for any imperfections. Any sign of inadequacy prevents the bearings from passing quality control and do not get distributed.

A long lifespan is critical for the components because a gyrocompass works around the clock when at sea. The ball bearings oil themselves through a process in which the oil is sealed up and transferred around each part.Barden manufactures precision ball bearings that are typically found in marine gyroscope applications. They are made to ABEC & standards, and go above and beyond the requirements to pass inspections. These high precision bearings are needed to create a gyrocompass that will not only help navigate, but also find positions, and record routes for those dealing with marine operations.


January 6, 2021

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