Multimillion Dollar Deal Between Industry Leaders- Embraer and Alcoa

Embraer Is one of the leading airplane makers in the industry- competing at number three behind Airbus and Boeing company. Alcoa is another leader in lightweight metal and advanced manufacturing methods.  The two companies have recently finalized a deal that not only strengthens their relationship but also secures their positions as leaders in the market. The multiyear contract is valued at $470 million. The agreement will ensure Alcoa supplies alloys sheet for Embraer’s new E-Jet E2 family, which is scheduled to fly by 2018. This will make Alcoa the sole contractor for exclusive wing skins and fuselage sheet intended for the E-Jet E2 jet airliners.

According to Fernando Queiroz, Embraer’s Vice President, Alcoa Inc was chosen because it provides the best material and capabilities in the industry. The company has actually developed most of the alloys that have been used for aircraft flight. The alloys Alcoa offers have more strength, rust resistance, and fatigue resistance than other competitors, and that is exactly what Embraer needs for the new airliners.

The plate products will be used for creating the structure of the aircraft, specifically for the fuselage frames and wing ribs. Embraer Aircraft believes this long term partnership will make the new E-Jet E2 family the best in the commercial aircraft industry. Over the next 20 years, the E2 program is predicted to involve 6,350 new aircrafts. Currently, Embraer has 50% of the orders places in that market


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