TE Connectivity Widens its Range of Accessibility

On June 2nd 2016, Marissa Martin wrote an article for Connector Tips talking about how TE Connectivity Ltd. and how they are increasing the range of accessibility for D sub connectors. In the article, Martin talks about how TE Connectivity as release more than 100 part numbers that will be available for purchase in the next six weeks or so. All of these 100 plus part numbers are under the AMPLIMITE D sub connector category. With this announcement, this is considered a huge benchmark for the company as TE Connectivity is planning to use this to significantly decrease the amount of lead time for standard AMPLIMITE connector parts. This decrease in time should be in effect by August 2016.

These subminiature connectors will be beneficial as these parts will have the ability to conform to MIL DTL 24308 as well as NASA specifications that are considered non-magnetic. In additional to this conformity, these parts will also be an industry standard in commercial and military applications.Being able to withstand industry standards means that applications will include such this as computer peripheral equipment, modes, industrial instrumentation, ground support devise, and military equipment.Here is what Kris Beaver, product manager of the Global Aerospace, Defense and Marine of TE Connectivity has to say about this.

“We reviewed the entire product portfolio to identify common components and or characteristics that when leveraged in our manufacturing process significantly reduces the lead-time. We have implemented the improvements on a substantial portion of our portfolio and thoroughly improved our lead times and delivery performance.”

TE Connectivity was founded in 2007.


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