A New Series of Power Connectors are Introduced by RS Components

RS Components design a new series of power connectors to be facilitate connectivity. These models are known as the TE Connectivity Nector M series connectors and are designed to be more flexible allowing them to fit into already existing models to be more agile. Its flexibility allows to the connectors to distribute the power and data to various devices more efficiently. The Nector Ms are designed to sustain harsh conditions such as bad environments and the outdoors.

The Newer series is a nice alternative as to the old hardwired cables electrical connections. This models offers the same function as the plug and play alternatives but also offers a cabling system for permanent power and data circuit electrical installations. Its size is a one size fits many which allows it to make routing easier, faster, and close to no mess.

These connectors come in two different colors with the black being UV resistant. The design is focused on being easy installed and user efficient. Multiple key options have been installed to help prevent errors upon installation. This allows for the connector to be incorporated into power distribution units, electrical devices, cable assemblies and engineering projects off site efficiently reducing labor and error.The Series family consists of a variety of models to better facilitate your needs.

“The portfolio offers a complete range of 3-, 5-, 6- and 7-pole pluggable electrical installation components for indoor applications with free hanging, panel/chassis-mount, PCB-mount and power splitter solutions”.

A 3 pole system is offered which mostly used for lighting fixtures requiring a ground connection best used on furniture, ceilings, walls and pendants. The 5 pole is made for horticultural and lighting application and the 7 pole works best in emergency lighting systems or in colour- control lighting capability.These connectors are known to with stand temperatures between -40 degrees F and up to 158 degrees F allowing them to be applicable almost anywhere in the world with outrageous temperatures.

For more information on what these new series of connectors parts and Parts that apply best with, please visit us at www.asap-fasteners.com. We have a team standing by to take your call at 714 705 4780 or email us at: sales@asap-fasteners.com .


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