Harris Corporation Would Stay Connected on the Front Lines

The Harris Corporation is an international communications and information technology company. They got their start in 1895 when brothers Alfred and Charles Harris developed a revolutionary automatic sheet feeding printing press. After merging with Radiation, Inc. in 1967 the company began developing antenna and integrated circuits to be used in the space race. In 1974 the name was changed from Harris Automatic Press Company to Harris Corporation. The headquarters was also moved from Cleveland to Melbourne Florida. Today the company earns roughly $5 billion in annual revenue and employees over 14,000 employees.

Harris operates in four business segments: RF Communications, Government Communication Systems, Mass Surveillance, and Integrated Network Solutions. Integrated Network Solutions provides broadcast communication products to TV stations and other media content providers. The Mass Surveillance division produces products like the Stingray phone tracker and Hailstorm phone tracker. These devices have been at the center of controversy because they potential violate public record and open access laws. The systems work by posing as legitimate cellphone towers. The mobile phone is tricked into connecting to the tower instead of the real cellular network. Authorities who use the system are then able to monitor all wireless voice and data traffic that originates in the area covered by the imposter cell tower. The customers of the Government Communications Systems include the U.S Department of Defense and National Intelligence Agencies as well as the FAA, U.S. Census Bureau, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. They develop and produce communication systems and encryption systems for the defense industry. Current products produced by Government Communications are the Acropolis II AES Encryption module, Citadel Cryptographic Engine, and SecNet 54 Radio Module.

The RF Communications division develops secure tactical radio communications. At the end of October 2014 Harris earned an $18 million order from a Central Asian country for Falcon III wideband tactical radios. The nation will acquire the RF-7800H manpack and the RF-7850M multiband handheld radios. The system allows users to reliably transmit large data files over large distances. Other products from the RF division range from VIDA networks, to P25IP and OpenSky wireless communication systems. ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of parts with a vast inventory from many of the world’s top manufacturers including the Harris Corporation. Through our proprietary website, ASAP Fasteners, a division devoted specifically to parts with a National Stock Number (NSN), we can find both obsolete and current parts for all your industrial requirements. For more information and to browse our selection please visit our website at http://www.asap-fasteners.com/ or contact us at sales@asap-fasteners.com.


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