TR Fastenings New Wedge Lock

A new wedge lock nut has been announced as part of TR Fastening LTD’s expanding line of bolt fasteners parts. The single piece delivers technology usually provided by two components – a washer for locking and flanged nut that is easy to use.

The Design

The two pieces come preassembled in this new bolt in an innovative way that helps provide extra security by increasing tension instead of friction between the two parts. The inside of the washer has wedge shaped cams that react to any vibrations in the joint by stirring.

The outside of the nut has radial teeth on its outer part that increase compressing force by embedding the teeth into surfaces when tightened. The design of the nut also enables it to self-lock, as the fastening force of the joint increases due to the greater difference in the height of the cams than the area of the screw thread. The two pieces become permanently secure into the precise arrangement it was intended for, merging them to become one. This removes the risk of improper use that is more likely to occur with two individual pieces and it also reduces the time it takes to assemble the joint.

A key element of the design is the wedge lock nut’s ability to fit in hard to reach places, and it can also be reused without losing intended purpose. Overall, TR Fastening has made bolt security easier with the impressive design that provides a reliable source of safety and cost-effectiveness.

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