Couplings the Latest Innovations and Setbacks

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The industry has become a great demand for new innovative couplings due to the variety of appliances that require them. Couplings are parts that are most often found to connect shafts to transmit power in many essential products. As these vital appliances become larger and larger there is a greater need for customized couplings.Couplings have been incorporated in early appliances from cotton mills to wind mills.  Due to the invention of the steam turbine this has increased the size of power operated machinery therefore increased the size of couplings as well.

"This in turn has greatly increased the demands on shafts and couplings, and in the case of bolted couplings, on the bolts themselves.”

Having the correct coupling is a crucial part to having to maintain shaft alignment.  The alignment in marine applications are a little more lenient when it comes to allowing vibration in result causing much more stress on the bearing. Unlike the marine products, power generation applications are a non-tolerant area of such vibrations. Vibrations in these parts are known to affect the ability of the turbine to reach its full power. To take precaution to avoid the vibrations companies have turned to installing optimizing shaft alignment.

“There is still scope for further analysis and it would be helpful to see exactly how the newer design of bolts with expanding sleeves compare to the older bolts when it comes to transmitting higher torque,” adds Walsh. “Having a full FE analysis could be a significant advantage since it shows the potential for reducing the number of bolts and size of the coupling, particularly in industries such as wind turbines, where they tend to avoid bolted couplings due to space restrictions.”

As vessels and machinery enlarges throughout the years there will always be a need for couplings of a different sizes and outputs. ASAP Fastener is one of the leading coupling supplier in the industry. ASAP is able to supply tested and certified parts across the globe. We are able to provide a full transparent traceability for every order to ensure our parts are not counterfeit. Streamlining your order in the most efficient way as possible to facilitate your logistics. For a better look at our products we can offer visit our website at For instant RFQs email us at or give us a call at 1-714-705-4780 .


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