Rivets to Support RIMFAX for the Mission to Mars

Space missions have opened multiple avenues that explores creates the potential of space exploration. Almost half a century ago we were able to not only explore leaving earth’s atmosphere but we were able to land on the moon and take our first steps on the moon. This would have not been possible if it wasn’t for the scientists and the industries that were involved and supported this mission. The space ship that traveled to the moon was loaded with nothing more than the technology that you find in your cell phone today. This how much advanced we have gone since then.

Even something as simple as a Rivet Fastener can be as important as anything else because such an exploration into space requires a huge amount of detail and care. Having said that, TR Fastenings Norway received a new funding from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment to build new and very strong blind rivets that will be used in a the Mars’s Rover Radar Imager.

The radar is going to be one of many instruments that will be used on the rover and it is very important that each one is built with care and sophistication. The Radar is called RIMFAX which stands for “Radar Image for Mars’ Subsurface Exploration.” Those instruments are designed to measure whether it’s possible to sustain life on Mars or not.

The Blind Rivets Fasteners are going to be used in holding up the Radar’s Antenna which requires a quality that can be sustained for years to come, it has to sustain the hostile weather changes that will occur on the surface of Mars. Not to add to the rocky terrain and the wide range of hostile conditions that can be rough, the radar is going to be used to send signal below the surface of Mars in order to create a picture and clear understanding of what is the composition of Mars’s surface.


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