IKO Has New Rail Widths

On December 19 2016, there was an article published on Bearing News which talks about how IKO has a new bearing line which comes in a new width. The available width options come in all different sizes such ranging from 1mm to 25mm wide bearing options. Not only this, but the range can increase as high as 44mm. In terms of length, the bearing parts come in four different types. These four types are the extra long, long, standard, and compact.

With all these different types of bearing options, customers are able to customize the bearing to their liking to fit all their company’s needs. The largest miniature linear bearings can have dynamic load ratings of over 16000N and moment load ratings of move 300 nm in terms of roll axis.There are C lube long term lubrication systems that are integrated into these units which allows the bearings to run smoothly.These bearings come with corrosion resistant coatings, ceramic balls, stainless steel or carbon steel rails.


January 6, 2021

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