Nitto Seiko CF Tight Self-Tapping Screw Debut

Japanese Industrial Fastener Corporation Nitto Seiko based out of 20 Umegahata, Inokura-Cho, Ayabe, and Kyoto, Japan has announced they have developed a CF tight self-tapping screw panel fastener which is used primarily for carbon fiber reinforced plates. This is great news for the automotive and aerospace industries due to the fact that they often use carbon fiber reinforced plates as a means to reduce car weight.

Carbon fiber reinforced plates or CRFRP are typically lined up in a fixed direction to achieve high strength while remaining light weight. This is an issue when common self-tapping screws for plastic is introduced to the equation due to the fact that the fastener screws will disarrange and split/strip the fibers on the carbon fiber reinforced plates thereby destroying its appearance, reducing strength and preventing the screws from achieving stability.

Nitto Seiko Co. Ltd has announced that starting December 20, 2016, their “CF Tight” Self-tapping Screw will go on sale. Able to generate highly destructive torque, the CF Tight has a near triangle thread structure that restrains resistance during fastening to ease in fastening the screw. The special obtuse front threads are able to reduce disarranged fibers to shorten fastening times and prevent strength deterioration which will reduce costs overall.


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