Complete Examination of Rivets and Fasteners

Inspections in aerospace are a must with precise requirements to exceed, especially for rivets and fasteners which are the base of every project. Thousands of various part numbers are used by both commercial and military aircraft for outstanding and pivotal applications such as engine, brake assemblies and leading airframes.

The world’s aerospace and defense prime contractor have high standards and only a small number of companies quality to meet them. Air Industries Company got in touch with Dimac SRL to provide with state of the art testing equipment since AIC is one of the companies that meet the requirements. Mario Brumini, Dimac’s after sales technician explains that when Air Industries Company came to them, they needed to inspect  every aircraft rivet fastener  for dimensional acceptances, and in the end the final inspection.

Dimac’s and Air Industries Company (Aic’s) goal is to offer the highest benefits in terms of trustworthiness and accuracy. Masso,p Agrati said "It was an exciting challenge to prove the excellence of our automated machinery in the USA – for one of the strictest supply chains. One of our specialties is that we are always happy to take up the challenge.”

Dimac’s MCV1 model was the answer. It is an automatic machine for complete inspection and categorization with a special function of detecting the tiniest chock and geometry imperfections on AIC’s rivets.

Mario Brumini explained how the new software developed is able to define the segment of the thread in order to inspect it by dragging and releasing a window around it. By defying a value for +Tol and -Tol, the operator is able to change the size of the envelop tolerance band.


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