B&F Fastener Supply expands in numbers and facility

B & F Fasteners
Increasing numbers calls for growth and capitalization. B&F has meet prime numbers in their past couple of years that has allowed them to outgrow their facility. Starting from a staff as low as 5 employees raking in a local sales number of an approximate $1 million US. The expansion did not stop there as the number of employees grew to 13 and sales rose to approximate $5million.

In order for B&F to keep expanding the B&F and associates have taken the step to move to a larger facility near their already existing facility in St Augusta, MN.  This newly awaited facility is expected to be a 20,000 ft2 building that would fit a larger scale of manufacturing for all their requested orders. One of the determining factors that gave B&F the confidence to be able to expand was their capability of nearly doubling their entire sales in a matter of a four-year gap. The company has been fortuned to expand at a steady rate to be able to hit an approximate $34 million in 2016.

B&F Official, Kevin Baltes has stated that the company is expected to be up and running into the new facility by January of the following year.
B&F has been able to capitalize on the industrial-grade bolts and fasteners market along with other custom printed parts. Officials at B&F believe that their new location is a prime location due to the sole purpose of having lots of business and the amount of manufacturing being done in the central part of Minnesota.

To date the fastening company is still held private and family owned. With 15 facilities nationwide B&F continues to grow with facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

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