The Pros and Cons of Anchor Fasteners

pros and cons of anchor fasteners
Fixings for any application is very important when it comes to safety, and there is a whole array of fixing systems to choose from. However, those with experience can choose quickly between chemical and mechanical anchors. Mechanical anchors can be split into two categories,expansion anchors and non-expansion anchors. Expansion anchors can be any of different types of anchors such as stud anchors, shield anchors, sleeve anchors and a bunch more.These anchors use the expansion method to hold any two pieces together. Unfortunately, expansion anchors have their cons because they can be limited to what type of material they are used in.

For example,if you use an expansion anchor in a brickwork or stonework then it might cause that material to crack or simply crush. In that case, non-expansion anchors can be a better alternative. Chemical anchors don’t have the complications a mechanical anchor has and can be very useful at closer edge and distances in material such as concrete, so for example you can create a small space between two materials and still create a very strong connection between the two. For example in concrete. Anchor Fasteners is a big industry and the demand for them is becoming much higher in all manufacturing industries.

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