New Innovative Bearing Built for High Speeds and Lower Friction for Japanese Tennis Wheelchairs

japanese tennis wheelchairs

President and CEO of NSK Ltd. Toshihiro Uchiyama had the great pleasure of presenting one of the company’s latest innovative bearing. This specific bearing has been customized and designed for greater performance for competitive Tennis Wheelchairs. Recently the Tokyo Institute of technology embraced the new innovative bearing that will used for an enhanced range of motion for the auxiliary caster component. An additional alteration was put into play when the tennis players of the institution requested for the bearings to be of a lightweight design and minimize friction to its lowest possibility.NSK has completed much research in many aspects and areas of bearings on a wheelchair and has discovered that many of the issues they are faced with are quick changeable properties. Gathering information such as

“speed, load, impact, and acceleration/deceleration at actual competitions and practice sessions, used this to determine optimal bearing specifications, and then developed a prototype.”

All the research quickly influenced the design of the latest bearing to be able enhance not only competitive wheelchairs but everyday wheelchairs as well.Prior to the innovative bearing NSK was not known in the market for their agile parts but has sent a message with their latest piece.NSK is known for being Japans first bearing manufacturer in the country and countries industry. They have been in business and reduced the amount of friction loss since Nov 08, 1916. They are a company that is headquartered in Shinagawa, Japan and currently are involved with business worldwide. NSK initial goal is to be able to provide the best possible competitive equipment that is to be reliable, agile and will perform in the best possible at any given time. NSK is well prepared to continue to provide the globe with high technology around the globe.

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January 24, 2017

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