Airbus Announces Ground-Breaking Fully-Automated Drilling Tech

Airbus Group has just announced that they are putting the finishing touches on a brand new ground-breaking fully-automated technology for drilling rivet bearing holes. This new technology accomplishes this by combining a magnetically-levitated drill spindle with a state of the art articulated robot system. This is especially important because during the drilling of rivet holes shards can become lodged in the drill bit flutes damaging it in the process.

This vital component of airplane manufacturing often requires frequent tool changes which cost time as well as costly delays in the manufacturing process. On top of that imperfect precision of semi-automated and manual processes will cause inconsistencies in the hole diameter and further damage the material.

The new Airbus fully-automated electrical vibration driller takes a superimposed oscillation pattern in order to move the drill bit in and out of the material and creates significantly lower temperatures and leads to less reduction in burr formations around the holes with the newly developed spindle fractures being extracted without residue.

All of this produces a processing time of fifty percent shorter for thick titanium packages and less wear and tear on the tool. Airbus Industries is expected to debut the vibrating spindle set at the company’s Bremen facilities in Germany and is hot on the heels of the unveiling of Airbus’ enhanced center wing box design earlier in the month which continues the trend of exciting developments and debuts by Airbus this past year.


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