Cessna: Citation Latitude Claims Top Spot for Now

Cessna Aircraft, a general aviation and aircraft manufacturing corporation, has been making upgrades as of late to its newest aircraft, the Cessna Latitude. Improvements of 370 km in range as well as a 9% reduction in take-off roll for the Citation Latitude have contributed to its edge over the next closest competitor, the Embraer 450. Altogether, this midsize jet boasts a range of 2,700nm and has a take-off distance of 1,118m. The announcement of these recent improvements mark the third range increase for these jets in the program’s history so far.

The program, which so far has flight tested four aircraft for a total of 260 flights and 600 flight hours, is on schedule to receive airworthiness certification in early to mid-2015. The Embraer Legacy 450, although very successful, still has a range which is 200nm shorter than the Latitude. The Citation Latitude, at a price tag of $16 million, can seat up to nine passengers and two crewmembers and is will be in service in the foreseeable future. Full assembly-line flow for this aircraft is expected to begin shortly. Meanwhile, the Cessna Citation M2 has also enjoyed considerable success. The 1,580nm-range aircraft received approval in the European market only six months after entering service in the United States. The $4.5 million twinjet, which is essentially a modified CJ1 aircraft, has received a total of 33 orders, with 23 having been delivered. Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of the large US conglomerate Textron, specializes in small, piston-powered aircraft as well as business jets. Cessna became a brand of Textron Aviation in March 2014.

Textron subsidiaries also include large names such as Bell Helicopter and Beechcraft, both very respectable aerospace companies. Textron, a publicly-traded S&P 500 Component company, generates over $3.5 billion in revenue a year with 33,000 employees. Of the total employees, 8,500 are Cessna employees. The company itself was founded in 1927. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Fasteners, strives to be a premier distributor of all Cessna Aircraft parts that support all current and discontinued aircraft platforms. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Cessna Aircraft parts as well as the database and procurement capabilities to help you meet all your requirements. Contact us today at purchase@asap-fasteners.com.


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