Yudensha Creates Anti Seizure Treatment Technology

On March 6th 2017 there was an article on Fastener Parts World Inc that talks about how Yudensha, Co., Ltd and Kishiwada Steel Co., Ltd worked together in order to make a ground breaking surface treatment technology that prevents stainless steel bolt and nut seizures. This new technology will be available through the distribution network and Yura Sansho Co., Ltd. The article listed nine items about the new nuts. Here is what the article said.

  1. No sign of seizure after 8 times of seizure tests, or when fastening the M8 anti seizure nut fastener with 110N m torque
  2. Heat resistance range of -50 degrees to 400 degrees Celsius
  3. Passed the JIS Z 2371 salt spray test.
  4. Galvanic corrosion might occur but doesn’t affect the ability to prevent seizure at all
  5. Coefficient of friction 0.38 under fixed axial force; 0.32 under fixed torque
  6. Axial force 5.0kN under fixed torque. Increasing axial force due to reduced coefficient of friction
  7. Substantial reduce bolt replacement
  8. Dry heat treatment meaning the anti seizure nut can be used immediately after treatment
  9. High coating adhesion meaning anti seizure nut can be used repeatedly.


November 5, 2020

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