Newly Released InterCap and InterGrip Screws

HIOS Screw

HIOS In., a Japanese company that focuses on the manufacturing of electric power tools, torque meters, and screws has just announced the development of two new screws. One is a cap screw while the other is a hollow set screw. Both the termed InterCap and InterGrip screws come with an InterTorque hexalobular recess head.

This new development comes from issues with the standard flat hexagonal screwdriver which sometimes spins when inactive. HIOS designed the InterTorque to have a “Super Point” that leads a bit into the recess that prevents movements from occurring even when idle. It removes any possibility of a bit getting stuck in the head screw which typically occurs with a hexagonal socket.As far as fastening devices, both the InterCap and InterGrip provide functional and efficient protection. It is an exceptionally stable design because of its accurate fitting.

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