Lancaster Offers Black Finishing Service

Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd has announced that they are now equipped to offer any of their zinc plated stainless steel fasteners with a black finish within a very short time frame. This move is widely speculated to be in response to the growing demand for fasteners with a black finish. By building upon its extensive existed stock range of fasteners by offer it with a black finish, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd, the UK company have answered the deafening call by its customers.

The intention is to offer a fastener that is widely regarded as hard to source and time-consuming to locate and procure. By have a reliable and consistent supply of fasteners with a black finish, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd hopes to corner the market. Sam Wilson, the managing director at Lancaster Fastener says he understands that many other distributors have demand for zinc plated and stainless steel fasteners to be finished black. With the processes and logistics already in place partnered with the reputation as one of the top fastener companies in the world, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd made the decision to offer their entire product portfolio with the black finishing service.

The decorative dip-spin black top coat enhances corrosion resistance while the low coating thickness can be applied to the entire existing zinc plated/stainless steel stock. The thin layer application is ideal for small fastener parts in instances where the tolerances are limited with no build-up in the recess or threads of the screw. Also in conformity with EU guidelines relation to the End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EC), the surface treatment is completely free of any hazardous substances.

Finally no hydrogen embrittlement occurs in the application of the black finish because the finish is just a top coat. With independently commissioned corrosion resistance tests, the black finish achieves the minimum 150 hours to white rust fairly easily.


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