Triangle Fasteners Corporation Release a New Line of Zinc Screw Heads

Zinc head screws

Triangle Fastener Corporation- one of the top fastener manufacturers, has recently released a new line of anti-rust Zinc head screws. Their zinc composition delay corrosion that would otherwise generate faster from screws made out of steel. Triangle Fastener has engineered all their products to outperform competitors in the industry.

To ensure this, TFC inspects each product every step of the way as a form of quality control. This new line of zing cap screws went through the same process. Every part of the screw is designed with a purpose. This includes the ZAMAX-5 Zinc Alloy Head that provides enduring strength. The shank composed of carbon steel is treated with Tri-Seal 1,000 hrs salt spray. The sealant improves the corrosion resistance of the screws by up to 20x more in comparison to zinc plated screws that typically hold a shorter lifespan.

The screw also comes with a EPDM sealing washer. It is an integral part of the screw due to the degree of corrosion protection that it provides. The washer undergoes exceptional weathering capabilities. These screws are manufactured for versatility. The varying sizes include #12 and ¼” diameters in Blazer-3 and Blazer-5 drill points and reach up to 4” In length.  To support back-out resistance, the 1/4” Blazer- 1 Lap and #17 Type AB screws come with the patented VRT Technology common to all Triangle Fastener Corporation screws. This rubber adds reinforcement that other fasteners lack.

The features and benefits of these screws meet the high standards set by TFC. TFC provides fasteners for the commercial industry. These screws have a wide range of usage, from roof systems to aviation needs- these screws function is whatever condition they are placed in.

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