ZWZ Working Crystalline Silicon Slicing Machine Spindle Bearings has released an article on June 6th 2016 talks about how ZWZ is working on creating six different bearings from their crystalline silicon slicing machine. These bearings will be used as import substitutes for one of their domestic customer. This has been delivered and put into good use.There has been more news stating that this specific customer has also placed another order with ZWZ for more multi standard bearings. With this being said, ZWZ is in production for these parts now.

It was this past May in 2015, a Jiangsu based company signed an agreement with ZWZ for the size different bearings for the crystalline silicon slicing machine spindle. The Jiangsu based company is also known as a technology company. The Jiangsu based company also deals with making polysilicon ingots as well as multicrystalline wafers that include crystalline silicon slicing machines. This machine is considered a key role in the production equipment that can possibly be used to import bearings.

There has been a recent spike in high demand for polysilicon products which could be due to how lucrative the photovoltaic industry has become. The country that is taking charge of the solar industrialization dealing specifically with high efficiency and low cost crystalline silicon is China.

ZWZ Bearings was established in 1938 in Wafangdian, Dalian in China. The company designed and manufactured its very first industrial bearing in 1949. The company went on to make their first automotive bearing in 1954. In 2013, the company expanded into different regions of China, specifically building factories in Liaoyang and Changshu.


January 6, 2021

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