NSK Announces High-Reliability Low-Torque Ball Bearings for CVTs

In 1879, the first CVT (Continuously variable transmission) was introduced and allowed for a more flexible system than the traditional mechanical transmission. As this design began to spread, many manufacturers began to develop vehicles utilizing the CVTs. It started first in a car, then motorcycles, then tractors, and finally aircrafts. This year we are met once again with technological advances that allows us to further improve the CVT. NSK Ltd, a global manufacturer of bearings, introduced a high-reliability low-torque ball bearing in 2011 during the month of July. Six years later, they have publicized their new and improved torque ball bearings which improve fuel efficiency and overall reliability. To match this new improvement, NSK has decided to name this new bearing.

“High-Reliability Low-Torque BELTOP 8 Bearings.”

There are two new improvements made to the previous 2011 model, which are: a round and smoothed groove shoulder for enhanced efficiency and a solid lubricant film that averts housing abrasion. This upgrade is similar to the upgrade of fasteners when Bryce Fastener Inc came up with the Skyfit Fastener. This fastener component upgraded the traditional fastener as well, improving its reliability and upgrading its productivity. With the new design of the Skyfit Fastener, the installation process is much easier and quicker. Many parts existing in the market were old and were not as secure because they were available to the public. As these small applications are improved, we are looking towards a much more reliable and efficient way to build and design vehicles, whether they are motorcycles, cars, or aircrafts.


January 6, 2021

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