Advancements in Fastener Production

As time progresses, fasteners are becoming more and more complex with modern advancements. In order to meet the requirements of futuristic and innovative designs, fasteners are expected to save materials, weight, productivity, as well as component strength. A fastener is no longer simply about just its shape. Experts have identified a few benefits of metal forming over machining in the manufacturing process of fastening components.

Currently, complex metal components are typically forged with the requirement for only minor finishing operations, subsequently minimizing the needed amount of machining operations. The metal components travel through a series forging operations which change the geometric shape of the material in various different stages, until ultimately, the desired forging is achieved.

Thread rolling is also used throughout the fastening manufacturing industry to produce bolts, screws and other fasteners. The thread rolling process typically includes a metal blank which is pressed and rolled between two forming dies. The force between the die surfaces forms the threads into the material.

                “A cast structure will typically contain defects such as porosity caused by gases, shrinkage cavities and solid inclusions of foreign material that becomes trapped in the metal, such as metallic oxides. By rolling a metal above its recrystallization temperature, grain boundaries are destroyed and new tougher ones are formed, along with a more uniform grain structure,” explained Paul Gay at Eureka Magazine. “Metal rolling pushes material, closing up vacancies and cavities within the metal. Hot rolling also breaks up inclusions and distributes the material throughout the work piece. The advantages of metal forming are not just in the creation of useful geometric forms but also in improved material properties.”

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