Huck Magna-Lok: Alcoa Creates Strongest Product till Date

Alcoa, the leading manufacturer of fasteners and rings, feels they have created the strongest structural blind fastener of its kind. The Huck Magna-Lok has a 12.7mm diameter, an extremely high shear and tensile strength, has a high resistance to joint failure.

The highly recognized Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik (Dlbt) has approved this new durable designed fastener that mimics the original Magna-Lok. The original Magna-Lock that consists of the 360-degree internal locking technology and wide grip range features, still come standard with new The Huck Magna-Lok.

Alcoa states the closest competitor is the R12 9.5mm fastener.  The R1 offers close to 60% less strength than the Huck Magna-Lok.   The advantages of the Huck Magna-Lok are that it allows “fewer fasteners per application, which allows for reduced inventory and faster production times”.  All these advantages allow for an even lighter end product. You can see why Alcoa is mighty confident in the new Huck Magna-Lok.

Joel Melquiot, Alcoa’s product manager for Huck and Marson brands feels that the construction industry can benefit greatly with the new Huck Magna-Lok.  Also, he feels that the newest product can be featured in many different commercial transportation, green energy and agriculture markets.


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