Tamarack Receives EASA Certification

Tamarack Aerospace Group, Inc. has recently announced that the European Aviation Safety Agency, or EASA, has awarded the company a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Tamarack’s ATLAS™ brand Active Winglet system to be utilized on the Cessna model CE525 CitationJet as well as its variants, the CJ1+, CJ1, and the CJ. The European Aviation Safety Agency anticipates on following up with certification for the Cessna M2 around March in 2016. Certification in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration is expected to take place by this summer for all four variants.

“This technology is truly game changing, Active Winglets set a new standard as they are two to three times more efficient than previous designs,” said Nick Guida, the founder and inventor of Tamarack Aerospace. “We are very excited to have certified our product on the Cessna Citation and we are already planning modifications to larger aircraft for which we have predicted similar improvements in fuel economy.”

Winglets are the small sections on the ends of an airplane’s wings which are often upturned. These winglets play a vital role in an aircraft’s fuel efficiency, but are often subject to compromised winglet size, payload penalty due to the addition of strengthening components, as well as the additional time and costs required to open the wings for installation.

Tamarack’s ATLAS™ brand Active Winglet system encompasses a load alleviation device which allows for the winglets to maximize fuel savings while simultaneously adding structure without a compromise in shape or size due to wing loads. Additional structures for strengthening is not required with Tamarack’s ATLAS™ brand Active Winglet system. As a result of this, no time is required to open the wings for added structure.

Certification on Tamarack’s ATLAS™ brand Active Winglet system comes after three years of work which includes over 300 hours of test flights. It was found that Tamarack’s ATLAS™ brand Active Winglet system smoothens out inflight turbulence, increases aircraft stability, provides better high/hot take performance, and allows for an increase in max zero fuel weight.

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