Emirates Buying Additional A380 Aircraft

Emirates Airline has formally placed an order with Airbus for the delivery of two more A380 superjumbo aircraft, with delivery scheduled for late 2017.Each of these jumbo jets has a list price of $865.2 million. They will be powered by Rolls Royce engines, and have world-class in-flight entertainment systems installed.

Emirates currently has one of the largest fleets of Airbus aircraft in the world, primarily using the A330, A340, and A380. What remains of the first two aircraft types will be retired by the end of this year (ten A330s and four A340s). They operate a huge fleet of seventy-six A380s, with 66 more on order. To put that in perspective, the next closest operator is Singapore Airlines with nineteen in operation. The strategy shows Emirates is more focused on flying bigger planes in order to accommodate more passengers for all their flights.

"From now until the end of 2017, Emirates will retire 30 older aircraft from our fleet,”

Emirates Airline President Tim Clark said.

“At the same time, to meet our growth expectations, we will receive delivery of 24 new Boeing 777, and 33 new A380 aircraft including these two additional A380 aircraft just ordered. This is in line with our strategy to operate a modern and efficient fleet and offer the best possible experience for our customers."

Of the 319 total orders that have been placed with Airbus for their A380, 142 – almost half of them – have come from Emirates. Surprisingly, this is the first time they have placed an order for one since 2013, when they ordered a huge total of fifty. Speculation arose that Airbus had plans to discontinue the aircraft after experiencing a lack of orders in recent years. Airbus had not received a firm order for the plane since 2014.

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