Rolls-Royce Boosting Engine Support for China

Rolls-Royce is planning to further expand its ASC (authorized service center) Network from the existing 58 to 68 locations. Rolls-Royce is supporting over 1800 in-service business aircraft engines under its CorporateCare fixed-cost maintenance management program. With a bevy of aircraft engines such as the BR725, BR710, Tay and AE3700 under its support, Rolls-Royce is emphasizing that CorporateCare is their top priority designed to create value for their customers and is widely considered the industry  leader in providing product support. Sales and marketing VP for Rolls-Royce’s small and medium engines, Stephen Friedrich believes that the program is a smashing success and that belief is backed up in the over 70% approval/acceptance rating for all current production engines by the public.

CorporateCare is an essential contribution to protecting the value of a customer’s engine assets and generally boosts prospects for resale of the aircraft. Rolls-Royce believes that  CorporateCare is a bargain compared to resources that you would have to otherwise designate in terms of time and materials in maintaining your aircraft engine. Friedrich has gone on record stating that he believes the program is unmatched in terms of the support network dedicated to ensuring that your every needs as a consumer are being addressed.

In fact Rolls-Royce is quick to point to their above 97% averted miss-trip rate for CorporateCare customers. The Rolls-Royce support network is able to resolve an engine-related issue that would have otherwise grounded the aircraft had it not been for CorporateCare which boasts an average response time for AOG situations in less than 24 hours. Last year Rolls-Royce focused on expanding the support network primarily in the U.S., South Africa, Brazil and UK. This year their main focus is on Asia Pacific region.

Rolls-Royce is looking to expand its support network and currently deep in negotiations with prospective partners with its eye on mainland China along with the seven ASCs providing support to CorporateCare customers already in place. With the company recently opening offices in Beijing, it appears that the expansion plan is imminent and posturing is a mere formality at this point. Concurrently the Rolls-Royce engineering team is already working to further improve performance for its turbofan family in Dahlwitz, Germany.


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