Allied Signal: The Formation of a Fortune 100 Giant

Many people will recognize the brand name Honeywell, both a household name for consumer products as well as well-respected name in the aerospace, engineering, and commercial industry by major corporations and world governments. However, it is a lesser-known fact that Honeywell was acquired by the huge multinational corporation Allied Signal in 1999 in a deal valued at around $13.8 billion. Allied Signal was an American aerospace, automotive, and engineering company that gained prominence in 1985 via the merger of Allied Corp and Signal Companies. These companies were primarily involved in the chemicals, aerospace, oil, gas, and automotive industries.

Honeywell on the other hand, was an international controls company that focused on developing advanced technology products for the aviation and aerospace industry. With an overlap in avionics, which included auxiliary power units, environmental control systems, aircraft lighting, landing gear, and flight recorders, the two companies greatly complemented each other. Once Honeywell Inc was acquired by Allied Signal, a much larger company, the decision was made to keep the well-recognized Honeywell brand name, thus forming Honeywell International Inc.

The company then consolidated its two headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey. The plan at the time was to form a major competitor in the aerospace industry. Allied Signal’s aircraft engines and collision-avoidance systems combined with Honeywell’s cockpit controls and global-positioning equipment technology resulted in a $10.5 billion aerospace company that threatened such competitors as Northrop Grumman. The company’s combined revenues also made them competitors of Tyco International and United Technologies Corp, also large conglomerate companies. Today, Honeywell International is a Fortune 100 company, ranked 77th on the Fortune 500 America’s list. The company is a publicly-traded S&P 500 Component company with reported revenues in excess of $39 billion a year. In addition to aerospace products, the company also makes many commercial products such as home thermostats and Garett turbochargers, products which many people outside of the industry would recognize. In addition, the company is still involved in the manufacturing of automotive and industrial products.

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