AirBorn: Electronic Connectors for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Airborn Incorporated designs and manufactures high-reliability electronic components including connectors; cable and electro-mechanical assemblies, flexible circuits, and power supplies and is a Tier 1 supplier to world-wide electronics OEMSs. Founded in 1958, Airborn got its start creating electronic connectors for military and aerospace uses, industries requiring resilient and dependable components.The privately-held, 100% employee-owned company has since expanded its product portfolio to include a full suite of electronic design and manufacturing capabilities for a range of applications including: the aerospace, avionics, storage and networking, defense, semiconductor instrumentation, medical, energy, industrial, and the automotive industries.

A number of distinguished companies have received business from Airborn including: L3 Communications, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Boeing, General Dynamics, Grimes Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, Amphenol Aerospace, Northrop Grumman, Goodrich and more.Headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, the company is ISO9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485 certified and maintains ten manufacturing facilities in three countries: Georgetown, Winnsboro and Addison, Texas; Little Falls, Minnesota; Phoenix, Arizona; Lake City, Pennsylvania; Toronto, Canada; and Tonbridge, United Kingdom. In 2012, with the acquisition of AESCO Electronics, Airborn diversified its product offerings and established a new division – Airborn Electronics, Inc. The company currently maintains four divisions: AirBorn (the original), AirBorn Electronics (headquartered in Akron, Ohio), AirBorn Flexible Circuits (headquartered in Ontario, Canada), and AirBorn International (headquartered in Kent, UK) The company has a long-standing history of building reliable military parts. Many Airborn connector and cable assembly products meet the specifications for and are designated with a corresponding military part number. Airborn’s M-Series (micro) product is M83513-compliant, N-Series (nano) is M32139-compliant, R-Series (high-density) is M55302-compliant, and W-Series (traditional) M55302-compliant.

Airborn’s interconnect solutions are also made to survive the rigorous conditions of space. The company’s products, used in space shuttles and on the International Space Station, were utilized for the SBIRS, GOES-R, Globalstar, Swarm, New Horizon Space Probe, Mars Lander, Mars Rover, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and Orion programs. In 2013, the company released a patented interconnect technology known as the HD4™. HD4 is a high-density, high-reliability technology made in collaboration with the HyperTransport Technology Consortium. The products boasts a 50% increase in signal capacity within the same space, a four point contact system, a configurable open pin field design, and the industry’s smallest 4X footprint. Additionally, the HD4 is the only solution which can fit six link connectors on a low-profile PCIe add-oncard. Airborn’s Flexible Circuit division focuses on flexible, printed circuit boards, and circuit assembly. The company’s practices consist of design, DFM (design for manufacturability), DFT (design for testability), prototyping, production manufacturing, assembly, and testing. The division also offers a variety of flexible circuit products including: TYPE I – single sided flex, TYPE II – double sided flex, TYPE III – multi-layer flex, TYPE IV –rigidflex, sculptured flex, extended length flex, and assemblies.


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