Fasteners Being Developed for Higher Applications by Taiwan Industry

Taiwan’s industry of fasteners are picking their game up in producing higher-end fasteners parts that can complement the global fastener market and make them one of the world’s most competitive industries. The fastener industries now can make high end fasteners that can be used in all industries from automotive to aviation, to aerospace, to marines, to medical equipment and many other. This is why there has been a gradual increase in the value of fasteners.

The industry has been through continuous growth in the past few years and the market research has shown the increase in profits is correlated to the metal industry. Records show that the most lucrative side of the business is due to the medical equipment development in the past decade. Medical equipment has been in the rise for the past 100 years but in the past decade technology has been on the rise exponentially which is taking the medical industry on a high rise. For example the titanium alloy self-tapping bone screw fastener has been one of the notable products in the fastener industry because it allows the newest electropolshing technology for titanium which improves the brightness and the imaging and cleanness to the screw’s surface and makes sure the color distribution is being even from anodic treatment.

The development of these products puts the industry on a high rise, similarly in the automotive and aerospace industry there is development when it comes to every detail in the fastener industry. Maybe not as much detail is needed in the automotive side as there is in the medical side, but automotive industry has been on such a high production rate that they can’t get especially when it comes to cap connector screw or hollow set screw.


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