Eaton Aerospace to Provide Fuel Systems for AVICs MA700

Eaton Aerospace recently signed a letter of intent with AVIC Aircraft Company Ltd. Xi’an Branch for the delivery of fuel tank inerting and fuel distribution systems for the MA700 regional turboprop airliner. Under the proposed agreement, Eaton will be responsible for designing and manufacturing customized components, as well as providing engineering, development, and support certification services for both aircraft systems. Eaton’s fuel and inverting systems expertise drives the company’s growth and presence in the Asia Pacific market.

Though headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Eaton is a premiere, American, power management firm that provides energy-efficient solutions to manage mechanical, electric, and hydraulic power. Established in 1911, Eaton operates as four business groups: the Electrical segment, the Hydraulics segment, the Vehicle segment, and the Aerospace segment. The Aerospace division operates out of Irvine, California, and is a global provider of jet fuel, advanced hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, propulsion sub-systems, and cockpit interface and circuit protection apparatuses for the civil and military aerospace markets. For the fiscal year 2013, Eaton boasted sales of US$23 billion, with the Aerospace division covering about 13% of sales.

Wildly prolific, Eaton has its testing systems, hydraulics, fuel systems, actuation controls, and air distribution systems integrated onto high-profile projects such as the Airbus A380 jetliner, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft, Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, and Rolls-Royce Trent XWB turbofan jet engine.

Eaton’s array of aerospace solutions includes the following:
  • Fuel & Inerting Systems: Through its participation in the popular Boeing 787 program, Eaton became the first composite-wing certified fuel system provider, and the first to yield a multi-tank inert gas distribution system. Eaton’s offering of fuel and inerting solutions includes lightning isolators, check valves, hydro-mechanical valves, nitrogen generators, single and dual-motor actuators, transfer pumps, and aerial refueling pumps.
  • Hydraulic Systems: A constant innovator, Eaton created the first 5,000-psi hydraulic system for commercial aircraft, and the first 5,000-psi certified commercial hose. Eaton’s hydraulic capabilities includes AC electric motor-driven pumps, maintenance-free accumulators, reservoirs, power transfer units, fire shutoff valves, ram air turbine pumps, pressure switches, hydraulic power packages and engine-driven pumps.

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