When you need a new metal roof or wall panel installed, you need a lot of tools and parts. You need to make sure that you get the right ones as they can make the difference between whether your new installation can last years or not. And one of the most important tools to choose correctly is the fastener.
Choosing the right high-quality fastener can guarantee a resilient and weather-tight attachment that can last years. So, it’s important to know your options in fasteners and know what you need to consider when choosing your fasteners.
Most fasteners are made from a coated metal, but the materials for the metal and the coating need to be properly considered. Stainless steel screws can still corrode under extreme conditions. And galvanized action between different and incompatible metals can lead to premature failure. Compatibility is important.
Some fasteners are self-drilling and don’t require a pre-drilled hole, which can be alluring to the installer who wants to finish faster. However, they’re not always a good idea because pre-drilling is an important quick inspection that ensures the hole is in the correct location. Self-drillers can also be bad because they can cause the threads of the fastener to not engage properly with the material, thus causing a point of vulnerability.
Washers help prevent leaks, if they’re installed correctly. If they have kinks, they can become liabilities as they degrade when exposed to UV light. Whether or not to use a washer is up to the installer, however, extra precaution becomes more important.
Fastener profiles are another consideration that’s usually up to the installer’s preference. Flatter screws are more discrete and low profile, but sometimes shoulder screws are more useful.
Thread count and length are important considerations as they are vital to ensuring that the fastener will properly hold the materials together to create a weather-tight structure. Thread count and length should both be based on the thickness of the materials being installed.
With all these considerations, it can be a hassle to find the right fastener even after you’ve made your decision. At ASAP Fasteners, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we’re a leading supplier of aerospace and aviation fasteners, so we can help you find everything you need. From screw fasteners to washer panel fasteners, we have it all at www.asap-fasteners.com. You can email us at sales@asap-fasteners.com or call us at +1-714-705-4780.

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Aircraft fastener parts have become more advanced to support a wide variety of metal aircraft and spacecraft structures. The newest addition has been the assortment of lightweight materials used to create different fasteners.

The new Alcoa fastener addition has not only been beneficial but has also raised issues on the compatibility of the lightweight materials such as aluminum. It is useful because it can be used and inserted into certain fasteners but when composites are involved other fasteners need to be created.

The transition from metallic to composite has also been a problematic transition in the aircraft fastener industry because composites structures are not safe against lightning strikes. The traditional metallic aircraft is made of aluminum, it is an ideal conductor of electricity. In any case that the aircraft is struck by lightning, the energy is dispersed through the metal. Most times it is harmless and if any harm occurs only small repairs are necessary.

Alcoa’s Flite-Tite pin fastener was made to get past any situations of composite delamination. Using a stainless steel or titanium sleeve to develop an interference fit without delaminating the composite.

Since composites are more like insulators than conductors. When using aluminum structures, the aluminum is the primary path of conduction. However, when a composite structure is used the fastener becomes the primary path of conduction. Composites are also complicated to deal with because they are sensitive to damage that is caused by delamination. Delamination is the state where composites and steel go under stress. This is caused when the fastener is pushed into the hole. This separates the composite material which does not create a good electrical connection. In the case of a lightning strike the energy will not pass through the fastener.

ASAP Fasteners, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, should always be your first and only stop for all your hard to find aircraft fastener parts. ASAP Fastener is your premier online distributor of Fasteners, Bearing, and aerospace component Whether new, old or hard to find, they can help you locate it. ASAP-Fasteners has a wide selection of parts to choose from and is fully equipped with a friendly staff, so you can always find what you’re looking for, at all hours of the day.  If you’re interested in obtaining a quote, contact the sales department at www.asap-fasteners.com or call +1-412-212-0606.

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On November 28th and 29th of this year, Fastener Fair France, which is the only international exhibition in France which focuses on fastening and fixing technology, will act as hosts to stakeholders in the market for screws, bolts, and Fastening Systems. This is all taking place at the Paris Exposition. Fastener Fair is already a reputable exhibition international, holding exhibitions in Italy, Germany, the United States and more.

During these two days of the exhibition, Fastener Fair France will supply a unique experience for industry professionals to discover significant innovations and create new business relationships. During its first exhibition to be held in France, Fastener Fair will connect manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and end users all in the fasting and fixing industry. This will also include products and services in association with this industry. The fair is being targeted mostly towards industrial stakeholders that are seeking assembly and installation systems and manufacturing technologies for fasteners. All these mentioned requirements spread among a wide range of different sectors which includes construction, car manufacturing, aerospace, marine, civil engineering, furniture manufacturing and much more.

The screw and bolt manufacturing market in France has grown these last 7 years and continues to grow. It has reached a figure of 4.5 in 2017. In 2016, screw and bolt manufacturers based in France appreciated a favorable business environment. This was due to the face that they were able to capitalize on the dynamic growth in certain industries they work with. For example, the French automotive industry and aerospace industry both saw manufacturing and production output increase by 4%. Screw and bolt exports in France rose by 3.4% in just the first ten months of 2016.

ASAP Fasteners, which is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is a website that was designed to streamline and simplify the purchasing experiences for the manufacturing market, especially for aircraft fasteners parts. This complete and comprehensive website is an excellent purchasing resource for all hardware and fasteners. Fasteners are used everywhere and do not all have the same use. Individuals seeking precise and specific specifications can now use ASAP Fasteners as a reliable source for their fastener needs.

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Goebel Fasteners was founded back in 1979 in the town of Dusseldorf, Germany by just two people. They noticed a space in the market that needed to be filled and they decided to make products that would help fill this gap. Just a decade later they were already starting to increase the size of their facility and added more locations around Germany.
Once the 2000’s rolled around the company started to get recognized for their efforts and were beginning to receive awards, deals with large companies and branching off into other countries such as France and the United States.
Now the company is expanding even more and introducing a new rivet to their lineup. The Star rivet is a rather large rivet that is shaped exactly like a bright and shining star. The rivet is folded over quite a few times in order to create a space that can handle multiple points of intense pressure and it happens to create a large star shape. The rivets are used most often in projects that use large amounts of wood for the stability of plastic.
ASAP Fasteners is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. It was built on empirical data and customer feedback. Which makes it very convenient and makes it more valuable for customers. ASAP Fasteners has a dedicated and expansive array of Airbus Helicopter parts, serving customers as a one-stop shop and primary destination for product sourcing. ASAP Fasteners will ensure that your needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner, all the while offering cost-effective component solutions. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at sales@asapfasteners.com or call 1-714-705-4780.

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When thinking of screws, the safety of theft is not the first thing that comes to mind. Safety of keeping things secure, and out of reach, but locks are meant for security. Well Hafren is creating these new best forming screws that are antitheft, anti-vandalism, and anti-tampering. Not only are they creating screws, but best fasteners as well.

The fasteners and screws of Hafren have many different uses and prevent many different types on theft, vandalism, and tampering. It allows for less time being spent on manual labor as a self-drilling screw along with self-tapping, and thread forming screws.

These screws and fasteners have many different capabilities and purposes, on of the many is that they can be used to fix sheet metal to wood and other steel construction with the use of self-drillers. These self-drillers contain the same 6-lobe pin security system used on their screws and fasteners. These self-drillers allow for fast and easy installation along with repairs if and when they are needed. Hafren Self-drillers have high torque capabilities so there is no need to pre-drill holes.

Another aspect Hafren has specialized in is the thread forming screw which is most commonly used for fencing and automotive capabilities, the most impressive thing is that those are not the only capabilities. The triple lobed self-threading screw allows for the use of nuts to be eliminated which reduces costs, and like the self-drilling screw cuts down on labor time with installation and repairs.

The thread forming screw, used in the referred to as the Power6 is also used in security systems and has the same unique 6-lobed pin and provides a higher level of security for customers.

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