MD Helicopters: Attack Choppers for America and Her Allies

MD Helicopter, an American-based aerospace company which focuses on helicopter production, just unveiled their newest product, the 530G Scout Attack Helicopter. The 530G, which is scheduled for full production this year, is a very lightweight, versatile chopper that will replace its predecessor, the 530F model, which was developed in 1985. The 530G, which is smaller than a majority of Army choppers, is used primarily by US special operations forces. They are particularly useful in providing armed escorts or for light attacks. Other than the United States, other Allied countries are also regular buyers of these scout helicopters. In addition, these helicopters are being provided to the Kurdistan Regional Government, who are considered allies in the current fight against ISIS terrorists.

Furthermore, there have been several purchases to date for private customers, such as a Chinese general aviation company that is using the chopper for agricultural spraying as well as Bering Air in Alaska, which is utilizing it in building microwave towers and providing charter flights in mineral fields. With these new products, MD Helicopter expects to continue and expand its support to the US military and allied nations as well as such allies as Afghanistan. MD Helicopter operates as a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas, a major aerospace manufacturer and also a defense contractor. McDonnell Douglas has merged with Boeing, resulting in the aerospace giant Boeing that is known today. MD Helicopter traces its beginnings back to 1947 when it was established as Hughes Aircraft. It subsequently became known as Hughes Helicopters until it was sold to McDonnell-Douglas in 1984.

The company is known for three very successful helicopter designs, but none were more successful than the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. MD Helicopter was awarded this contract in 1975 and had six prototypes built by the year 1981. By the year 2005, more than 1,100 Apache attack helicopters had been manufactured. Since then, the company’s reputation as a major supplier of military helicopters has not let up. ASAP Fasteners provides you a facility to shop all your MD Helicopter spare parts requirement. We support both current and obsolete aircraft platforms and work closely with MD Helicopter to ensure we can support the newest platforms as well. Start your parts search on or request for a quote directly on


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