Boeing Bracing For A Fighter-Less Future

For over a hundred years, The Boeing Company has been a reliable and major contributor to the US military and many allies abroad. Boeing’s defense unit has been highly successful in the fighter jet market, particularly with their F/A-18 fighter jets that have been at the core of all US military branches for several decades. To this day, F-18 fighter jets are still being used in US airstrikes in northern Iraq and Syria against ISIS militants. Even the F-15 Strike Eagle, a multi-role strike fighter, has proven to be superior in both air-to-ground and air-to-air combat over the past three decades.This aircraft is also still in use in combat operations.However, Boeing is starting to be faced with the prospective of a much less brighter future than it has enjoyed for years. Production of the F-18 could end as early as 2017, with the production line of the F-15 also scheduled to end by 2019. In its place, the Pentagon has moved forward with development plans for their newest next-generation fighter jet, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, spearheaded by Lockheed Martin.

The new program has been drying up funds for Boeing’s fighter jets and Boeing’s defense division has begun to plan for alternative business, essentially conceding the fighter market to Lockheed Martin.Possibly plans to prolong fighter production include slowed production of the F-18 in efforts to persuade the Pentagon to fund additional purchases for several military branches. This would buy enough time for potential international customers such as Canada and Denmark to come to a decision on additional fighter jet purchases. However, the president of the Boeing, Defense, Space & Security unit has admitted that “You have to face reality,” and has been allocating more resources elsewhere, such as military versions of the commercial jetliners, such as the P-8 Poseidon. Whatever the plan, don’t expect Boeing to be going anywhere anytime soon. They still control a duopoly on the commercial aerospace market along with European rival Airbus.

Boeing is also becoming involved in space exploration and space programs, winning contracts for development of a space taxi to ferry astronauts to and from orbit. This multinational corporation, which generates over $86 billion in annual revenue, will continue to be a Fortune 500 company for the foreseeable future. ASAP Fasteners is the premier supplier of parts for all commercial, regional, business and military aircraft. Browse our website to check comprehensive inventory of Boeing Parts and drop your requirements at


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