Why HI-LOK Fasteners are Essential in Aerospace Industry?

In the aerospace industry, fasteners are essential— they are the glue that holds every unique airframe piece together. Fasteners are defined as hardware that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. This hardware can be applied to many applications across several industries. LISI Aerospace, a global manufacturer specializing in fasteners and structural components, makes a specialized fastener called an HI-LOK Pin Fasteners.

The HI-LOK Pin is widely used in the aviation industry for installation on airframes. This type of fastener is small in weight and size, easy to install, and has a controlled preload, making it the perfect choice for today’s high-performance aircraft. The HI-LOCK Pin Fasteners has been labeled the most reliable fastener by many in the aviation industry, making it every company’s first choice.

The pin is a threaded fastener that combines features of a bolt and a rivet and contains two parts: a collar and a pin. The fastener is so small it can be easily installed by a single person using power tools or even hand tools. This allows for less worker fatigue allowing for fasteners to be installed in a shorter amount of time. The weight of the HI-LOK pin is less than that of a traditional nut and bolt system, allowing for the overall airframe structure to be lighter.

These fasteners are also made to withstand high stress and high-temperature situations, making them the ideal match for aircraft adaptation over time. The HI-LOK pin fastener is available in several different head types to accommodate tension, mixed, or sheer application requirements. The pinheads are also designed to be self-aligning, allowing for optimized performance even on sloped or uneven surfaces.  The HI-LOK pin is the best choice for all airframe requirements.


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