What is the Importance of Captive Fasteners in Aerospace?

A fastener is a component that is often used in several different appliances including furniture, automobiles, and of course, airplanes. Manufacturers and others working in the supply chain industry find fasteners very useful because of the way they can attach and hold two or more objects together. Captive fasteners, however, operate a little differently. The captive fastener is embedded in one part of the object and then the other part of the object is then anchored inside the fastener.

When it comes to aerospace fasteners, manufacturers have found these components to be particularly useful because using them means less likelihood for needing extra materials. Using extra materials, depending on project, can cause issues for the manufacturers. The traditional means by which pieces of equipment that require fasteners are put together will sometimes need extra pieces of wood or metal to be fastened together properly.

Captive fasteners come to the rescue because these types of fasteners are often used in areas where it would be very difficult to use a screwdriver or a wrench to make sure the fasteners are secured. The captive fasteners allows for objects to remain directly connected, and allows the manufacturers from needing any extra pieces to hold the components of an object together. Because of captive fasteners, which help put together the many complex parts there are on machines like the space shuttle, supersonic airplanes, and even satellites, humanity has been able to move forward with the exploration and discovery of new findings on Earth and in our solar system.

The manufacturers in the aerospace industry, have utilized captive fasteners to enable an efficient method to support aerospace and aviation projects. Because something like a moon rover can be constructed in a more efficient and cost saving ways, the aerospace industry can devote more time to exploring unknown frontiers.

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