European Soccer Team West Ham Stadium Chooses Lesjöfors Manufacturers Company to Help Renovate Stadium

European Soccer Team West Ham Stadium Chooses

Lesjöfors manufacturer company, European Springs & Pressings Ltd has been added to the team of renovation for the West Hams Home Field in Upton Park, United Kingdom. This stadium can withhold 60,000 people till capacity that had been runned down former Olympic stadium that was in need of a renovation. Fabric Architecture led the renovation project one of the well-known fabric structures specialist in their region.

Their plans were to renovate the stadium by implanting immense fabric canopies over a vast number of retractable seats. In doing so the Fabric Company were forced to create an alternative spring solution that was able to be incorporated well with the stadiums engineering requirements.

European Springs & Pressings Ltd recently invested in a new Fortuna Machine that created it easier for the company to be able to release springs at specific specifications for the stadium project. It has been said to that,

“the new machine has expanded the Cornish company’s wire coiling capabilities to include wire from 0.3mm – 26mm, consequently opening up new markets across multi-industries.”

The manager director and company, European Springs believe that their success to their company is based on the training of machinery,

“Investing in skills training and machinery is part of an ongoing growth strategy for the organization that has seen us grow from a GB£800,000 operation to a turnover of GB£7.5 million over the last 15 years.”

They take pride in their work and are able to their results show for it. Fabric Architecture is impressed by their contribution to the project. The design and engineering director of the Fabric Architecture stated that

“European Springs & Pressings were fast, efficient and very knowledgeable in assisting us to design a system that helped dissipate the loads from the canopies.”

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