Mexican Navy to Launch New Airbus C295W Transport Aircraft

Announced in April of 2015, the Mexican Navy will receive its first shipment of the new Airbus C295W medium transport aircraft. The C295W, manufactured by the Airbus Defence and Space division of the European Airbus Group consortium, will join the service’s existing fleet of four C295s. With the Mexican Navy as the initial customer, the C295W is an upgraded variant of the model’s predecessors with the addition of winglets and enhanced engine settings. Spokesman for the Mexican service Admiral José Maria Garcia stated that the branch has decided to equip all future orders of the aircraft with winglets after determining that the feature greatly enhanced the performance of the C295, particularly in hot and high conditions.

In addition, winglets allow the transport aircraft to sustain an increased payload weight as well as cover further distances with 4% more fuel efficiency. The order consists of two units of the modified aircraft under an acquisition contract signed in October of 2014. The C295 was first developed by EADS CASA, which was restructured into what is now Airbus Defence and Space. The aircraft was introduced in 2001 as a derivation of the CASA/IPTN CN-235 with a longer fuselage, enhanced engines (two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprops), and an increased payload capacity. As of December of 2014, the C295 had a total of 151 orders received with 123 units currently in active service with military services worldwide. With the longest unobstructed cabin in its class at 12.7 meters long, the aircraft has a cargo capacity of up to 9 tons or 71 persons. Specifications include a maximum cruise of 480 kilometers per hour, an endurance of up to 11 hours and a ceiling of up to 25,000 feet. In addition, the aircraft is able to conduct short take-off and landing operations. In addition to transport and civic/humanitarian missions, Airbus offers other special-purpose versions of the C295W including: Anti-Submarine Warfare variants and Airborne Early Warning & Control variants (which are fitted with an Active Electronically Scanned Array [AESA] Radar rotodome atop its fuselage) for surveillance operations.

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