Ducommun Contracted to Supply Component for Cruise Missile of Raytheon

The highly accurate Tomahawk Block IV Land Attack Missile has been upgraded. The latest variant of the Tomahawk will include a two-way satellite data-link that allows for in air re-targeting. Planned upgrades to the Tomahawk will also include a more powerful warhead, upgraded communications, and a new seeker designed to hit moving targets on land or at sea. Launched from a ship or submarine the Tomahawk can be sent into heavily defended airspace to make a precise strike on high-value targets.The Tomahawk is a long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile. Dimensionally, it is 5.56 meters long and possesses a 51.8 centimeter diameter, a wing span of 2.67 meters, and weighs 1,315 kilograms. The Tomahawk has a range of over 1,000 meters.

Either a conventional unitary warhead or a nuclear payload can be armed. A conventional sub-munitions dispenser with combined-effect bomblets can also be equipped. Two successful flight tests have recently been conducted that demonstrate the capability of the Tomahawk to target a moving object. Ducommun has received a contract from Raytheon worth USD$7.3 million to continue manufacturing interconnect and electronic assemblies used for the US Navy’s Tomahawk cruise missile. Assemblies will be produced in Missouri and Arkansas through 2016. Raytheon has shown longstanding confidence in Ducommun’s capabilities and awarded them with their Six Sigma Relationship Award, as well as the prestigious Leadership Excellence Award. More than 3,000 Tomahawk missiles have been delivered to the US Navy. Ducommun and Raytheon report that over 2,000 have been used in combat. USS Barry launched the 2,000th Tomahawk during the NATO-led effort against Moammar Gadhafi in 2011. Ducommun Incorporated is an established supplier of critical components and assemblies.

They provide engineering and manufacturing services to the aerospace, defense, and other industries including the medical field and industrial automation. Founded in 1849, they operate through two primary business units: Ducommun AeroStructures (DAS) and Ducommun LaBarge Technologies (DLT) Via our proprietary website ASAP Fasteners, ASAP Semiconductor is a leading supplier of Ducommun products. Prospective customers can browse our inclusive inventory of hard-to-find obsolete and current Ducommun parts at www.asap-fasteners.com. If you are interested in a part, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at purchase@asap-fasteners.com or 1 714.705.4780 for a quote.


November 5, 2020

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