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Welcome to ASAP Fasteners

Leading Supplier of Broad Range of Aerospace Specialty Fasteners and Aerospace Parts to Defense OEMs

In order to streamline and simplify purchasing procedures for the manufacturing sector, ASAP Semiconductor has developed It is a complete and comprehensive purchasing resource for the most commonly used hardware and fasteners.

From children's toys to airplanes, fasteners are used everywhere. They are not created equal because they have varied uses. Engineering professionals engaged in the design of products and purchasing professionals seeking parts conforming to precise specifications can now access a reliable source - a treasure trove of information at the only purchasing resource in the world exclusively dedicated to fasteners. was specifically developed by keeping in mind the needs of these professionals.

Through ASAP-Fasteners customers can expect:

  1. Quotes within 5 minutes
  2. Same day shipping
  3. AOG Service 24/7 x 365 days
  4. Competitive Prices
  5. Dedicated and knowledgeable account representatives for each buyer at each organization.

We will strive to be your most cost-effective solution guaranteed.

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