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  • Part No Part Type Description NSN QTY RFQ
    3399-7026 board-to-board and car insulation displacement (idc) connector; no. of ... N/A Avl RFQ
    5111177815 other connectors 300430 scc1000 series 4x30 zip static shielding ... N/A Avl RFQ
    3408-2303 header connectors conn header 16pos r/a long latch N/A Avl RFQ
    3406-0000S/EC miscellaneous electron plug, idc, dil,14way; connector type:dip; gender... N/A Avl RFQ
    54745268880 other connectors conn pga socket skt 68 pos 2.54mm solder st thru... N/A Avl RFQ
    54745240769 other connectors d-subminiature connectors 100p r/a shld recept b... N/A Avl RFQ
    3408-D202 header connectors conn header stkd 10pos r/a sh N/A Avl RFQ
    3414-7000 board-to-board and car card edge connector; no. of contacts:64; pitch s... N/A Avl RFQ
    3408-630T02RB header connectors conn header 16pos str gold t/h N/A Avl RFQ
    5111526497 input-output, interfac d-subminiature connectors 24p lopro wrmnt skt N/A Avl RFQ
    33996600 miscellaneous electron conn 16pos .1x.1 idc ribbon pcb N/A Avl RFQ
    5111526643 other connectors zip strip with gang bar N/A Avl RFQ
    051135-36771 miscellaneous electron connector N/A Avl RFQ
    54745245018 other connectors u-clamp bm16p lead free 100 ea/ctn N/A Avl RFQ
    M3UYK-5060K miscellaneous electron idc cable - mks50k/mc50f/mks50k N/A Avl RFQ
    M3WWK-1418R miscellaneous electron idc cable - mpl14k/mc14g/mpl14k N/A Avl RFQ
    54745268886 other connectors conn pga socket skt 84 pos 2.54mm solder st thru... N/A Avl RFQ
    P50E-040S-EA board-to-board and car pak50 connector/rohs N/A Avl RFQ
    3408-1303 header connectors .100"" headers 60p smt header w/mounting ears N/A Avl RFQ
    5111177836 other connectors 7001430 drishield2000 series moisture barrier ba... N/A Avl RFQ
    5111526492 input-output, interfac i/o connectors mini-sas combo r/a recptacle thru... N/A Avl RFQ
    M3WWK-3418R miscellaneous electron idc cable - mpl34k/mc34g/mpl34k N/A Avl RFQ
    3595-6002A N/A connector,receptacle,electrical N/A Avl RFQ
    5111526414 other connectors conn din 41612 skt 45 pos 2.54mm solder ra thru-... N/A Avl RFQ
    54745242007 header connectors headers & wire housings 34p str plrzd skt N/A Avl RFQ
    3372-6002UG header connectors header, rt ang, 14 pin, 0.1 N/A Avl RFQ
    3431-4005 N/A connector,receptacle,electrical N/A Avl RFQ
    3372-650T02TC header connectors 6/2mm/hdr/smt/.152 int/rohs N/A Avl RFQ
    3372-620T02RB header connectors conn header 60ps r/a short la N/A Avl RFQ
    54745245035 other connectors link/bm/4p/rohs N/A Avl RFQ
    M3WWK-1618R miscellaneous electron idc cable - mpl16k/mc16f/x N/A Avl RFQ
    3408-6003 header connectors 36/mhdr/4r ra/.062/sl ins/pst mnt/30ave N/A Avl RFQ
    3419-H000 board-to-board and car 40/skt/prasb/op/cb/ca.rec.odd N/A Avl RFQ
    339106-100 other connectors idc flat cable .156 cabl 6 conduct 22 awg N/A Avl RFQ
    5111177843 other connectors 70046 drishield2000 series moisture barrier bag ... N/A Avl RFQ
    34086602 header connectors conn-hdr, post, 10p 2row, .1sp, .230/.095, gd N/A Avl RFQ
    P50E-050P1-SR1-EA board-to-board and car wire-to-board connector; no. of contacts:36; gen... N/A Avl RFQ
    M3UYK-5036R miscellaneous electron idc cable - mks50k/mc50m/mks50k N/A Avl RFQ
    3429-4205 N/A connector,receptacle,electrical N/A Avl RFQ
    P50E-040P1-RR1-EA other connectors conn rectangular pl 40 pos 2.54mm solder ra thru... N/A Avl RFQ
    5111178577 other connectors d301020 drishield3000 series 10x20 moisture barr... N/A Avl RFQ
    3399-J000 board-to-board and car pak50 connector/rohs N/A Avl RFQ
    M3UYK-6006R miscellaneous electron idc cable - mks60k/mc60m/mcs60k N/A Avl RFQ
    3408-1502UG miscellaneous electron conn header 16ps r/a short latch N/A Avl RFQ
    5111526654 other connectors conn sas rcp 22 pos 1.27mm solder st smd 22termi... N/A Avl RFQ
    3399-6000EC miscellaneous electron vinyl insulated butted seam butt connector N/A Avl RFQ
    3395-0000 miscellaneous electron strain relief, din41612, flanged; for use with:6... N/A Avl RFQ
    5111515100 other connectors 19-26 awg trim-out connector 19-26 awg butt conn... N/A Avl RFQ
    P50E-040P1-RR1-TG miscellaneous electron conn plug 6pos(3x2) 26-24awg yel N/A Avl RFQ
    5111177814 other connectors 300424 scc1000 series 4x24 zip static shielding ... N/A Avl RFQ