dewalt anchor fasteners

The company DEWALT has a range of anchors that will be launching in the second half of 2016, the existing, as well as the existing powers range of anchors and fasteners will transition to the brand over a period of time.DEWALT acts as pioneers in their fields, as they have been developing innovative installation tools. Powers Fasteners has been developing anchor solutions for various construction projects throughout the world. The leader in the concrete and masonry fastening industry is Powers. They specialize in providing specific phases of construction. Once the project begins, DEWALT is the most trusted professional brand for using power tools. Many of the world’s most memorable structures have been used with DEWALT and Powers products.

Just a couple years back, the DEWALT company added Powers Anchors and Fasteners to their family. The entire mission of their project was to own it from the very beginning design phase and throughout the construction phase. Since 2012, the hard work of bringing the two companies together has been in play. Engineers from both companies have collaborated and started working together to design anchors and tools together. The goal was to give a complete system focused on performance and productivity. Very large investments have been made in order to expand this Field Engineering program, as well as a team that can stand and work side by side with Structural Engineers.They want to assist in the specific selection and design of construction fasteners.

“The results of this investment have been significant. The latest construction reports show that our products are now specified on many of the largest jobsites throughout the U.S. Today, we unveil the next phase we’ve been working toward since 2012: a complete, cordless installation tool and anchoring system solution under one brand,”

said Director of Marketing, Sean Kelly. To ensure the success of this brand transition, the Powers brand will stay on DEWALT Anchors packaging as “Engineered By Powers.” This strategy will be used on all packaging and literature.

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AllFit premium tapered roller bearings

The Trucker staff wrote an article for discussing about how Meritor launched a new type of bearing. This type of bearing is considered an AllFit premium tapered roller bearings. These bearings are for differentials wheel ends, and transmissions for many different types of applications such as trailer axles, steering, and driving.Here is what Sam Marco, the product specialist for Meritor Aftermarket said about the launch of the new AllFit premium trapper roller bearings.

“The AllFit bearing is an ideal all-makes solution offering exceptional reliability, long life and full interchangeability with other manufacturer’s bearings. The new offering rounds out our portfolio, allowing us to respond to customer requests for cost-effective, high-quality all-makes bearing options.”

AllFit bearings have the same level of quality in terms of manufacturing as Meritor genuine bearings. Because of this Marco has mentioned that the dependable performance is associated with the original levels of the products.Here is what Tim Burns, the senior manager, rear axle, transmission and gearing for Meritor Aftermarket has to say about the bearings.

“Our new AllFit bearing is an outstanding option for rebuilders in search of an economical bearing solution without sacrificing performance. Rebuilders gain real peace of mind knowing they’re purchasing a quality bearing at all-makes pricing.”

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Lancaster stainless steel black fasteners

Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd has announced that they are now equipped to offer any of their zinc plated stainless steel fasteners with a black finish within a very short time frame. This move is widely speculated to be in response to the growing demand for fasteners with a black finish. By building upon its extensive existed stock range of fasteners by offer it with a black finish, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd, the UK company have answered the deafening call by its customers.

The intention is to offer a fastener that is widely regarded as hard to source and time-consuming to locate and procure. By have a reliable and consistent supply of fasteners with a black finish, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd hopes to corner the market. Sam Wilson, the managing director at Lancaster Fastener says he understands that many other distributors have demand for zinc plated and stainless steel fasteners to be finished black. With the processes and logistics already in place partnered with the reputation as one of the top fastener companies in the world, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd made the decision to offer their entire product portfolio with the black finishing service.

The decorative dip-spin black top coat enhances corrosion resistance while the low coating thickness can be applied to the entire existing zinc plated/stainless steel stock. The thin layer application is ideal for small fasteners in instances where the tolerances are limited with no build-up in the recess or threads of the screw. Also in conformity with EU guidelines relation to the End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EC), the surface treatment is completely free of any hazardous substances.

Finally no hydrogen embrittlement occurs in the application of the black finish because the finish is just a top coat. With independently commissioned corrosion resistance tests, the black finish achieves the minimum 150 hours to white rust fairly easily.

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HIOS Screw

HIOS In., a Japanese company that focuses on the manufacturing of electric power tools, torque meters, and screws has just announced the development of two new screws. One is a cap screw while the other is a hollow set screw. Both the termed InterCap and InterGrip screws come with an InterTorque hexalobular recess head.

This new development comes from issues with the standard flat hexagonal screwdriver which sometimes spins when inactive. HIOS designed the InterTorque to have a “Super Point” that leads a bit into the recess that prevents movements from occurring even when idle. It removes any possibility of a bit getting stuck in the head screw which typically occurs with a hexagonal socket.As far as fastening devices, both the InterCap and InterGrip provide functional and efficient protection. It is an exceptionally stable design because of its accurate fitting.

ASAP Fasteners provides customers with both new and harder to find fasteners, including cap screws such as those offered by HIOS and other top brand manufacturers. ASAP distributes only from reliable sources that meet the standards set by the company. They help ensure that the products we deliver to our customer also meet their expectations. The entire purchasing team at ASAP Fasteners works together to ensure customers get parts at competitive prices, every part meets quality standards, and that customers receive each part within the promised time. Highly trained sales representatives are waiting to help each customer find what they need. Call 1 714.705.4780 or email us for more information.

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supre precision ball bearings

A gyrocompass is a useful marine tool that is able to detect true north better than the conventional compass. The direction it points to is not affected by the Earth’s magnetic field or by the steel some ships are made of. In other words, the things that typically create inaccuracies in a compass, do not deflect a gyrocompass.

A gyroscope is found within a gyrocompass. In order for it to work well and endure a long lifespan, the gyroscope must meet specific standards. The ball bearings within a gyroscope have to have a smooth mirror finish. This guarantees the bearing will have a low noise level, as well as create as little possible friction between the parts in order to generate less wear and tear. The ceramic balls are lubricated with a military specification synthetic oil instead of grease. To take it one step further, the balls are visually inspected by a professional for any imperfections. Any sign of inadequacy prevents the bearings from passing quality control and do not get distributed.

A long lifespan is critical for the components because a gyrocompass works around the clock when at sea. The ball bearings oil themselves through a process in which the oil is sealed up and transferred around each part.Barden manufactures precision ball bearings that are typically found in marine gyroscope applications. They are made to ABEC & standards, and go above and beyond the requirements to pass inspections. These high precision bearings are needed to create a gyrocompass that will not only help navigate, but also find positions, and record routes for those dealing with marine operations.

ASAP Fasteners offers common and hard to find hardware and fasteners at some of the most competitive prices in the market. Engineering professionals can contact ASAP Fasteners representatives who will ensure that every part delivered goes through thorough inspection, fast shipping, and guaranteed to be delivered as promised. is the solution to super precision ball bearing parts, as well as other aviation components needs. From the beginning, customer service will exceed any other competitors. To get an instant quote contact 1-714-705-4780 or email

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